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The New ‘Respect-the-Science’ Regime

The new mating call of the Bolshevik regime that now rules Washington, D.C. is “respect the science.”  Even senile old Joe Biden, a lifelong corrupt political hack who may not even remember anymore what planet he is on, is fed the line by his handlers.  It’s really hilarious to be preached at in this way since such people obviously know nothing whatsoever about science and the scientific method and do not have the brain matter to begin understanding it.

What the establishment really means by “respect the science,” however, is: “Do as we say, or else.”  They don’t mean real science and scientific knowledge, derived from research, testing of theories, intellectual debate and discussion.  No real scientist would ever utter the words “settled science,” especially areas of scientific research that are based on statistical probabilities, as is true of ALL medical science. (“The practice of medicine is all about statistics,” a young emergency room physician said to me recently).  The notion that the earth was flat was once “settled science,” after all.  Only ignorant buffoons and political shysters like Al Gore or Joe Biden (and your typical American “journalist”) would mumble such nonsense.

There are no longer any tradeoffs in life, government has announced, such as recognizing that lockdowns abolish economic freedom, impoverish millions, and destroy lives.  All of that is to be ignored, and anyone who brings it up is branded as an enemy of human civilization.  “Truth” is determined solely in Washington, D.C. as espoused by the establishment’s paid propaganda peons such as one Anthony Fauci, a lifelong government bureaucrat who went to medical school sixty years ago but never actually practiced medicine himself.

Fauci, and only Fauci, is to dispense “scientific” information about pandemics and such, we are told by our rulers; all others are to be condemned as quacks and conspiracy theorists in the name of “respecting the science.”  Only Fauci possesses the deep, dark secrets of “science.”  When a Trump administration cabinet member told the media in the Spring of 2020 that a second opinion was a good idea, they jeered at and attacked him.  They worked diligently to try to destroy Dr. Scott Atlas, who did manage to offer a second opinion from his position in the Trump administration, even though he was essentially censored by the “mainstream media.”  When Senator Rand Paul asked Fauci why he was still wearing two masks in public after being vaccinated, the media did not follow up on his obvious question, but rabidly attacked the senator for bringing it up.  Nothing in the world is more un-scientific than this version of “science” that is practiced by the white-coat-wearing prostitutes of the “public health” bureaucracy and its political patrons.

Real Science

Now that “respect the science” has replaced “In God We Trust” as the motto of America, let’s make some initial suggestions regarding how to go about following the science in another area, economic science.  (“Mainstream” economics has aped the scientific method of the physical sciences ever since the early twentieth century).  For starters, we should immediately abolish all minimum-wage laws, since economic science has for generations explained how it causes unemployment among the least skilled and educated workers in society, primarily young people.

In fact, all price ceilings and price floors should be abolished as well.  Economic science has proven for generations that price ceilings cause shortages, wastage of resources, and corruption as bribery becomes a method of allocating the shortages.  They have also caused death and disease for centuries when applied to food and other essentials of life.

Price floors in agriculture cause surpluses by encouraging farmers to supply more agricultural products than people are willing to buy at artificially-inflated prices.  This causes enormous waste of food when there are people in the world going hungry.  Government often uses tax dollars to buy the surplus food and then gives it away to poorer countries as “foreign aid,” patting itself on the back for doing so.  The problem, however, is that dumping millions of tons of grain, for example, on a poor country has often caused the price of grain there to approach zero, driving that country’s farmers into extinction.

Rent-control laws are price ceilings on rental housing that cause housing shortages and blight, as landlords often just abandon their properties rendered profitless by the rent control laws.  They should therefore all be abolished immediately.

Economic science (and common sense and reality) has also proven for centuries that government “enterprises” are notoriously less efficient than private enterprises operating in a regime of private property and free-market prices.  Just look at the whole sordid history of socialism.  Economic science therefore calls for the privatization of all government enterprises.

It is also well established that the Fed has made inflation and unemployment worse ever since it was created in 1913, having caused numerous boom-and-bust cycles and ruined the value of the dollar.  It also disguises the costs of war (and all other government programs it finances), making senseless, aggressive wars more frequent and longer lasting.  Economic science therefore calls for the abolition of the Fed.  Respect the science.

The Chicago School of Economics has devoted decades to research and publications on the topic of government regulation, one conclusion of which is that most (if not all) regulation of industry is for the benefit of the industry at the expense of the rest of society.  After all, why would corporate lobbyists lobby for regulations that benefit others when they could lobby for regulation that benefits themselves at the expense of others instead?  Chicago economists call this the “capture theory of regulation.”  Economic science calls for the abolition of all such regulation.  Respect the (economic) science.

A related issue is how it has been proven by economic science that occupational licensing regulation by governments is just another monopoly-creating, crony-capitalist scam.  Such regulatory bodies are typically controlled by incumbents in a profession with the purpose of limiting entry or competition for their services, which would of course drop their price.   Shut them all down, says economic science.

Some years ago economics professors Richard Vedder, James Gwartney, and Randall Holcombe prepared a statistical study for the Joint Economic Committee of Congress that showed that when government stuck to its basic constitutional functions and the political plunder of rent seeking was limited, a case could be made that the stable society that resulted was conducive to peace and prosperity.  But once government expands beyond that and becomes involved in taxing one group of citizens in order to buy votes from other groups, the effect is impoverishing as more an more people decide that the way to pad their incomes is political manipulation instead of work and production.  Fewer engineers and more lawyers will therefore be a curse on society.  The Birth of the Transfer Society by P.J. Hill and Terry Anderson explains this in historical perspective.  Accordingly, any governmental function that is not specifically listed in Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution should be immediately abolished.

Respect the science.

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