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The Real Pandemic Purposely Caused by the Fake Pandemic

“Every government intervention [in the marketplace] creates unintended consequences, which lead to calls for further government interventions.”

~ Ludwig von Mises

The seemingly simple quote from Mises above exposes a much more complicated picture than first meets the eye. Careful reading would indicate that the law of unintended consequences is always evident, which is certainly true, and that there are always consequences to actions taken. What this means of course is that it is widely known that each action will have a reaction, and given that very common understanding, why then could this not lead to deliberate corruption and criminal intent with the expectation of vindication on the part of the perpetrator of any planned outcome? With this knowledge, rulers, controllers, and politicians could design any number of actions based on the false premise of pretending to protect the masses from harm, while all the time attempting to advance some other nefarious agenda without the risk of blame for the resulting chaos.

It seems that we have been living through this exact type of scenario for the past fifteen months, and with only minor examination, this is an easy conclusion to support.

Let us look at some of the agendas sought by the ruling class in order to orchestrate a new world order based upon the “Great Reset” as outlined by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and others. To begin, the opening mission statement of the WEF states:

The World Economic Forum is the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation. The Forum engages the foremost political, business, cultural and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas.” (Public-Private cooperation is another term for Fascism)

The WEF in this promotional video, summarizes the eight predictions in the following statements:

People will own nothing. Goods are either free of charge or must be lent from the state.
The United States will no longer be the leading superpower, but a handful of countries will dominate.
Organs will not be transplanted but printed.
Meat consumption will be minimized.
Massive displacement of people will take place with billions of refugees.
To limit the emission of carbon dioxide, a global price will be set at an exorbitant level.
People can prepare to go to Mars and start a journey to find alien life.
Western values will be tested to the breaking point.

In order for these few among many other agendas sought by globalist planners to come to fruition, the people must lose their individual identity, depopulation must go forward, transhuman reconstruction must take place in a melding of natural biology and artificial intelligence, natural gender identity would disappear in favor of a non-gender society, reproduction would be curtailed, control of all through constant monitoring would be commonplace, all national sovereignty would vanish, ‘sustainable development’ goals would be aggressively and forcibly pursued, and private property would no longer exist, except of course for the claimed ‘elite’ designers of this plot.

In order for these major generalized goals to be achieved, the underlying adverse changes in our lives would need to be monumental, and given what has happened just since March of 2020, monumental does not begin to describe what are claimed to be ‘unintended consequences.’ The controllers and their pawns in government plotted a fake pandemic specifically to build a real pandemic of epoch proportions; one that could devastate the very core of humanity in favor of a planned society that could be totally controlled from the top.

To accomplish such a challenging agenda, unintended consequences could never be allowed to interfere in the master plan, but only used to excuse the carnage created by the few over the many, all in the name of keeping the sheep safe from themselves due to the purposely manufactured false threat. Every adverse consequence that has occurred has been met with another form of tyranny to correct the previous aftereffect of government policy, just as Mises described. These further interventions by the political class have been continuous and ever increasing, as that is the nature of this scam. To solidify this point, it is necessary to understand that there was never any initial threat, for the so-called remedies for that perceived threat caused a real pandemic.

This has been about power and control since the very beginning, and control was certainly achieved due to mass voluntary compliance of the people brought about by government and media created fear. To say or believe that any of this happened accidentally or was a natural occurrence flies in the face of irrefutable evidence to the contrary. Just consider the premeditation, the warnings of these exact scenarios that have taken place, and the long-planned and announced agendas that were relayed to the public in order to prepare them for this flagrant conspiracy.

The initial announcement (and now current narrative) that the Chinese through a U.S. funded and controlled lab, purposely or ‘accidentally’ released a deadly virus on their own population with the intent to cause death worldwide, is ridiculous, but was easy to sell to an ignorant and gullible population that had been pre-conditioned to fear any monster claimed by the people’s masters to be a threat. Consider that this ‘coronavirus’ plot began at least 21 years ago with the exercise called “Dark Winter.” Consider the Rockefeller Foundation’s viral pandemic simulation in 2010 called “Lock Step.” Consider the 8 month long  Trump virus simulation in 2019 called Crimson Contagion, that supposedly began in China. And consider that 2 months before the fake Covid pandemic was announced, the Bill Gates simulation called “Event 201.” took place. These are just four telegraphed conspiratorial events among at least five other exercises acted out beginning two decades before this current plandemic. It should be obvious to any individual with even an infinitesimal ability to think that this coup was planned far in advance.

For total control to be achieved, for planned deaths to occur, for panic to spread like wildfire, for reproduction to be manipulated and harmed, for depopulation efforts to be successful, for eugenics to once again become mainstream, for the convenient destruction of human immune systems to be achieved, for government allowed looting and rioting to take place, for massive division to become universal, and for children to be altered and conditioned in order to be controlled in the future, much planning and reaction to anticipated consequences had to be previously designed.

Masks led to harmful health, psychological, and immune system side effects. Social distancing led to the destruction of families, behavioral changes meant to force communist type compliance, and eliminated vitally needed social interaction. Lockdowns led to business closings, extreme job loss, economic destruction, poverty, deadly emotional and mental problems, and a loss of self-worth. Quarantine led to more isolation, sickness, and death. Travel restrictions caused friends and family members to be completely separated. The closing of schools harmed the minds of children and parents, caused more job loss for working families, and the psychological damage has led to any manner of horrible outcomes, including a massive increase in abuse and suicides. The closing or interference in supply lines due to all these horrendous planned reactions also caused food shortages across the country. In addition, the income replacement scam meant to condition for universal income has vastly enriched the already rich, and caused great inflation in virtually every sector of the economy, which has been harmful to all. This is a short list of the very detrimental results of intentional further government intervention into the lives of all; defended as a sympathetic response by what the same government caused in the first place.

After all this carnage by the state against the people, the final solution said to be the savior of mankind, is a poisonous experimental set of injections that will dehumanize the world’s population, leaving all that accept it at the mercy of the state and its medical criminals in the pharmaceutical and technological industries. It is not meant to cure, but to alter the mind and body; and to deform, sicken, sterilize, and kill. Once a great majority succumb to this ‘vaccination’ scheme, the ruling class will have won.

This can only be described as a plot to destroy the bulk of humanity for the single goal of destroying everything achieved to date, all for the express purpose of restructuring a world where the few control the many in a global technocratic system based on a master and slave society.

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