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The Road to Forced Covid Vaccinations or ‘How I Learned To Love the Jab’

Like most Americans, I have a high threshold for tyranny.  I’m not proud of that, but when the state holds the power to bankrupt, imprison, torture, and kill you, most rebellion stops at the angry tweet. A small disgruntled minority might street protest, but only within the approved parameters of the techno-financial oligarchy. Even those benign First Amendment displays of dissatisfaction are heading the way of the Dodo, courtesy of Big Tech censorship and a militarized security state.

Despite the American propensity for obeying Big Brother, there is one government diktat that could push some into Sands of Iwo Jima-Remember the Alamo-Scarface “Say hello to my little friend” territory. Forced COVID-19 vaccinations. To paraphrase Charlton Heston, they’ll have to inject me in my cold dead arm.

Bill Gates and his Rothschild-Rockefeller Matrix cohorts understand that some folks object to human guinea pig biochemical rape.  Dead-of-night home invasions by black-clad Ministry of Health commandos in balaclavas armed with submachine guns, and syringes of Pfizer mRNA vaccine could face stiff resistance. To mitigate “extreme” cases of vaccine hesitancy, the warders of the global corp insane asylum are using incremental measures to induce stubborn charges to “voluntarily” take their medicine.

Google search (aka “Ask the Deep State”) reports that about 40% of the US population is fully vaccinated. It seems some aren’t buying Bill Gates as warm and fuzzy Mr. Rogers philanthropist, although I think Tom Hanks with wig, makeup, and glasses, under Spielberg’s direction, could pull it off. But even a Hollywood-CIA-Mossad blockbuster might not be enough to send everyone skipping off to mass vaccination sites. So what’s a sociopathic oligarch to do?.

First, continue to pump out constant COVID-19 fear porn via the MKUltra Mainstream Media. Message repetition works- but not on everyone, otherwise, we’d all dine at  McDonald’s. For added traction, play “public service” announcements that show end-of-the rainbow family reunions and similar “life returns to normal” scenes. Want to see grandma again? Just let Big Pharma hijack your immune system. However, living in a society that’s turned our most beautiful songs into laundry soap jingles has inured some to Simulacra and Simulation heartstring tugs. To paraphrase Chief Brody from the movie Jaws, “You’re gonna need a bigger carrot and stick.”

Krispy Kreme offered a free donut to get vaccinated. Not exactly a carrot, but studies show that lab rats prefer sugary junk foods. Time Out reports Shake Shack’s donating a burger and fries to the cause. Six Flags in Illinois is dangling free admission to the first 50,000 who show their vax papers (NBC 5 Chicago). But not everyone is willing to participate in a Klaus Schwab transhuman 5G nanotechnology experiment for a ride on the Tilt a Whirl. When junk food and amusement parks fail, try cold hard cash. Want another stimulus check when the next bolt cracks off the wing of our 747 turbulence economy? Not if you’re one of those conspiracy nuts who believe in gravity- or the mendacious evil of the Davos crowd.

Want to go out to bars, restaurants, or concerts? No vaccine passport, no service. For younger people and social types, those are painful blows. But if you don’t mind getting drunk at home, for the price of three tequila shots at a chi-chi lounge, you can home chug a bottle of Patron. No more dining out? On the upside, your annual ingestion of rat droppings will dramatically decline. As far as concerts go- boo hoo, we won’t get to see Cardi B or some other corporate dreck act. Although in fairness to Cardi, she’s cute and she’d be perfect to perform the U.S. Collapse national anthem.

Still holding out? Forget about drinking a cold beer on a Thai beach, exploring a medieval European castle, or hiking the Machu Picchu trail. (Full disclosure, I took the train up.)  You’re not boarding the plane without a vaccine passport. That’s ok. I can’t afford international travel anymore. With 60% of Americans unable to deal with a one thousand dollar emergency (CNBC), I reckon a lot of folks will be visiting Netflix rather than the Eiffel Tower. Wait until we reach “Own Nothing Be Happy” Great Reset paradise. The “new normal” family vacation will likely entail hiking to the town dump to scavenge for bottles, cans, and food scraps. “Are we there yet?” “No son, when the gangrenous blisters on your mother’s unshod feet start exploding, then we’re there.”

But what if your job requires travel? How many would choose unemployment in our Running Man dystopia over a vaccination?  And that applies to all occupations that mandate the COVID vaccine. Imagine getting fired and trying to sell the wife and kids on a fun-filled indefinite road trip, replete with dumpster diving and gas station restroom bathing, all because Daddy was too much of a scaredy-cat to get his shot.

And for future rat race contestants who refuse the vaccine? Forget about college. No injection, no Post-Modern Feminist Gender Identity Intersectional Indegionous Basket Weaving. In all seriousness, that sounds like a fun class- especially after smoking a joint.

Once the vaccine is mandated for public school admission, objecting parents will have to homeschool Junior. Test question: “How do you teach Sonny Boy the new math when you can’t remember the old math?” It won’t be all bad. On Prom Night, hang a strobe light in the living room. Mom can go as Junior’s date, as he’ll be an unvaccinated pariah. Dad can DJ.

There are a plethora of additional ways to induce vaccine compliance. Dating? Swipe left for unvaccinated. Eating? “No one gets past the supermarket velvet rope without a Covid ID.” “But I’m starving to death!”  “Sorry pal, you’re not on the list.” And don’t expect your health insurance to cover your medical bills if you’re reckless enough to refuse the shot. As pandemic death certificates have shown, Covid kills in many ways, including via car crash, drowning, and electrocution.

For the 500 trillion dollar (Rothschild Family wealth?) question- why would the ruling elites push so hard for global vaccination, especially with a pathogen that has a 99.8% survival rate? Sadly, I missed the last Bilderberg meeting, but I’d guess that like 9/11, Covid brings us one false flag closer to Brave New World-1984 brain chip neo-feudal technocracy.  Once AI and automation can replace human debt slave labor, our overlords will have to decide what they want to do with 8 billion or so useless eaters. I think they’ll opt for the extra legroom.

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