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The Silent War

Did you think this war was gonna fit in with your world, your ideas? (Hacksaw Ridge)

Our war is a silent war. It cannot be measured in armaments or deployments, on geographical or topographical maps that show no discernable divisions, no potential battlefields. It is by nature a deceptive war, cloaked by belligerents who fly under the radar of populations and deploy their armaments into the bloodstream of innocents ill equipped to recognize their body as targets, having been sufficiently softened up by a lifetime of psychological disinformation shelling to their minds. These belligerents hide among their targets, masquerading as their trusted betters. They hide in plain sight on the boards of companies, in the administration of hospitals, at the captured agencies of governments, in the halls of Congress and Parliaments of the west and beside the overworked fiat printers of central banks, the greatest weapons of mass social destruction modernity has yet produced. They are the enemies of free peoples the world over. Their agenda is death and in the absence of it a subjugation to an engineered world of post humanist dystopia of their design and for their benefit.

In Silent Wars you do not recognize the enemy because you do not comprehend the war. You cannot discern the terms of battle. You are mocked and derided for entertaining conspiracies that dare recognize all its elements that have you surrounded. The victims who cannot see the frontiers of battle will suffer the brunt of the worst bombardments. There will be no nurses station, no infirmary, no last rites for the volunteers who were conscripted out of fear, and submitted through coercion the greatest sacrifice of war, their lives unawares. They will wear no scars, bear no pain, win no honors or valiant parades posthumously. Their cries of suffering will be callously ignored by the institutions entrusted with rescuing them. Their widows or widowers will receive no letters of gratitude, no flags, no benefits or pensions. There will be no trace left that they were ever a casualty of a Silent War on humanity with no autopsy, and a death certificate that shrouds their status on behalf of the global evil that presently dominates all fronts.

Mortality is the great equalizer when the combatants are congruent on the terms of battle. There is no equalizer in a Silent War waged by forces hiding in plain sight performing as public servants of the self anointed ‘expert class’, who have captured minds as flags using psychological operations to deceive and coerce. The lies and propaganda are everywhere packaged as facts, data, science and truth, all unassailable weapons that must be blindly embraced by the captured minds, who will amplify them toward capturing further flags to be absorbed into the coalition of the hypnotized willing.

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