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The Truth About the ‘Vaccine’

Dear Madame X,

I do not meant to offend you, but I feel compelled to respond to what you had to say to me on the phone this morning regarding how if there is a big up-tick of “covid19” in the fall, that all the sickness and death will be the fault of all the people, who like myself, who are not allowing an experimental “gene therapy” to be injected into their body.

I hope that you realize here that this way of seeing things is absolutely not your own independent thinking, but that you have been programmed by your government and the mass media to “demonize” those of us who do not want to subject their bodies nor their natural immune systems to all the very real hazards of an experimental and never-before-used “gene therapy” which is absolutely not a “vaccine”. (This push to get everyone injected is truly, truly a very Nazi type agenda and I would have thought that Austrians already learned the lesson from 1938 – 1945 [??]).

But before I go on to explain more, . . .

I have a question. Can you please send me via e-mail if possible some kind of documentation that is backed up by scientific evidence that shows that the “covid19” “vaccines” are EFFECTIVE and that they are SAFE? (I need solid and backed up evidence to believe something.)

Despite having spent some time searching, I have been unable to locate any information from the manufacturers of the vaccines or from the government or from the mass media that shows beyond reasonable doubt that the “covid19” “vaccines” are EFFECTIVE and that they are SAFE.

Until I receive some fully documented information concerning the above that is backed up by solid scientific data as well as evidence of long-term testing (which is not possible, as “covid19” is allegedly entirely “novel”, having only secured its “identity” in 2020 — ??), I will continue to believe all the extremely credible information coming from reputable virologists, epidemiologists, doctors and others in science and the medical professions that ALL OF THE COVID VACCINES ARE THUS FAR INEFFECTIVE AND UNSAFE. (These also are people with whom there is no “conflict of interest”.)

The manufacturers of the vaccines have themselves stated that their vaccines will NOT prevent you from getting “covid19” and also will NOT prevent you or anyone else from transmitting “covid19”.

Hence, your insistence that everything will be safe once everyone gets vaccinated belongs to the realm of fairytale, or some kind of irrational hope mixed in with unreliable (and deliberately false) information that you have received from your radio, your newspapers, your doctor. (Since when is radio the most reliable place to get information about your health or serious science? And who decides what information gets put into your radio programming? Who controls your doctor in a “national health” system? Who owns and controls your newspapers?)

Also, it is a statistical FACT that the new covid cases are absolutely the highest in all the places where the higher percentages of people have gotten both vaccines. Moreover, many, many, MANY people who have gotten “covid19” in recent weeks/months are fully vaccinated. This is a fact.

And, incidentally, this — I just found out that a woman I know who is an eye doctor in Graz and who never had any heart problems or any heart related problems got both 2covid19” vaccines a couple of months ago. And guess what??? This woman who isin in her early-50s and who never had heart problems or heart-related problems just had a heart attack. (Hmmm . . . just a “coincidence,” no???)

And guess what else?? One of the main ADVERSE REACTIONS to “covid19” vaccines are heart and blood circulation problems and recently a major scientific institution (the famous Salk Institute in the USA) has come out with a study providing very credible evidence that “covid19” is a VASCULAR and not a RESPIRATORY disease. Many of the adverse reactions are: (1) Heart failure or at minimum heart inflammation, (2) blood clots and (3) a range of other blood circulation problems.

As of this moment more than 10,000 people in the EU have died as a result of getting the “covid19” vaccine. But this is an extremely conservative estimate, and it is probably at minimum double this amount and probably much more. In the USA more than 5,000 people have “officially” died from getting the “covid19” vaccine and many reputable people in the medical profession as well as highly respected virologists and infectious disease specialists are saying that it is more likely that anywhere from 50,000 to ½ million people are likely to have died in the USA thus far from getting “covid19” vaccines.

Have you seen any of the videos of real people (of which there are many, many, many) shaking uncontrollably (and whose shaking does not stop) or suffering greatly in a myriad of other ways following the injection of artificial and extremely harmful chemicals into their once natural bodies?

In addition to the above, millions of people all over the world now have serious and extremely debilitating problems due to getting the “covid19” vaccine. Most of these people will likely never be the same in their post-vaccine lives. Many once relatively contented lives are now destroyed forever.

Did you know that if you are below eighty years old that your chances of dying if you get “covid19” are about .002%??? This is no different from the common flu. (And if you are older than eighty and you do not have any already existing serious health conditions, did you know that you are also unlikely to die of “covid19”?)

Even on the World Health Organization website and in the case of the American CDC (Center for Disease Control), it is now admitted that people who are asymptomatic cannot and do not transmit “covid19” to anyone else. The “invention” of “asymptomatic” transmitters is at the heart of the “covid19” scam and it defies science and medical history.

Also, did you know that in recent times just before this recent “pandemic” was declared that the definition of “pandemic” was altered? The definition of “pandemic” used to include the world “deaths”. In the new definition of “pandemic” they took out the world “deaths”. Therefore it is now possible to declare a “pandemic” even if there is no death! Madame X, why do you think that the WHO recently changed their former definition of “pandemic”? (Did you know that the main funding of the WHO comes from Bill Gates and that the WHO is joined at the hip with the pharmaceutical industry?)

Also, are you aware that the minimum time for the testing of any vaccine is seven years?

According to info put out by the vaccine companies, the testing of their “covid19” vaccines will go on until 2022-2023. Are you aware of who exactly are the subjects (“guinea pigs”) of these vaccine tests??? It is you! And all the others who will allow these toxic gene therapy chemicals to be injected into their bodies — chemicals which will for sure forever compromise your immune system. (The human immune system if allowed to function naturally, on its own with the help of vitamin and mineral supplements like vitamin D, zinc and selene, is a god-given work of wonder. By taking these chemicals into your body you are interfering with the natural health and good functioning of your god-given natural immune system. Good luck with that!)

This vaccine program, if successful, will accomplish for the “globalists” one of their most cherished goals, which is to reduce the world population by about 90%. Now with artificial intelligence and a full range of technologies, they are confident that their time has finally come. They see people simply as more mouths to feed and more “parasites” to gobble up (consume) all their wonderful planet resources and they will have none of that. Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, one of the primary “orchestrators” of the so-called “pandemic” would like to implant microchips into those of us who are left following the mass culling of the world population that will take place between now and 2025.

Schwab is also advocating for full blown global communism where “you will own nothing and be happy”. But Schwab and his buddies, they will own everything. And in this new scheme of things “you” are destined to become a micro-chipped + gene-altered bio-entity in harmonious synch with their “bio-security” state. (The “covid19” “vaccine” seen in this context is a “toe in the door”.)

You can yourself go to the website of the World Economic Forum where on your own you can explore all these “goodies” that are in store for you, should you be fortunate enough in the next couple of years to survive the toxic and gene altering artificial chemicals you have allowed to be injected into your once natural body.

You believe your doctor means well, but actually your doctor is either lying to you or simply brain-washed by the official medical establishment. (The official medical establishment, like your government, is simply the “hand-maiden” carrying out what they are told to do by those who hold the real power. All doctors who do not go along with the official and quite deadly agenda will suffer greatly in their profession and in their lives. Many know that they are administering lies to their patients but do it out of self-preservation/advancement; but there are probably many who blindly believe all the government and mass media lies. [In the past twenty years your Austrian medical system has come under the dominance of the American model which is 100% dominated by and beholden to the multi-national pharmaceutical industry.)

Sorry, Madame X, but I had to tell you this in reply to your quite “uncritical” belief in all the lies that you have been told by your government and the mass media since early 2020 and that you told to me this morning (actually the lies existed from both your government and the mass media before this time, it is just that in previous times, the damage resulting from their lies about just about everything was not so far-reaching and absolutely devastating).

I do not think that what I have said here should be easily discounted and although I am not the kind of person who brags, I will say that I am on the very high upper end of the scale when it comes to intelligence and also I had many, many years of intensive and serious research training at one of the top research universities in the world (University of California, Berkeley). Also, as a part of my research training, I was carefully schooled in the basics of critical thinking, which is essential for separating truth from lies.

I will conclude by saying that Hitler’s minister of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, would be absolutely delighted with the absolute success of the worldwide 2020 – 2021 “covid19” propaganda campaign. If there were no mass media and no government incompetents spouting off their nonsense, you would have no idea there existed around you something called a “pandemic”.

This has been a mass media “virus” and  power grab among politicians who have zero skills in doing anything useful to life on this planet and who do not function beyond their own narcissism. (Your Austrian politicians are 100% controlled by the pharmaceutical industry – just like the Nazis in Hitler’s Germany vis-à-vis IG Farben — and by the likes of Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci, both horrible, horrible, evil men, each with an abundance of documented crimes against humanity.)

And now in final conclusion, —

Follow-up SMS messages to Madame X –

First message

According to G-news (an independent news agency with focus on issues related to China), if you get the Delta variant of the “covid19” virus, you are eight times more likely to die from it if you got the “covid19” vaccine than if you did not get the vaccine.

Now what exactly might be the motivation for this news outlet to lie about something like this??

Whereas a good percentage of the people and agencies that are pushing the “covid19” vaccine and who are calling for universal injections of this vaccine belong to the pharmaceutical cartel and/or have close connections with the pharmaceutical lobby. Meaning that most of the people and agencies pushing for universal vaccine stand to gain $€billions from the sale of vaccines (and tests).

Did you know that the biggest lobby in Brussels (the EU) is the pharmaceutical industry? (Pharmaceuticals the biggest industries behind Hitler.)

Do you know that he lobbying industry in general is a major component of the “landscape” in Brussels? (Lobbyists are permanently lodged in Brussels).

Are you aware that in our present world, almost all governments are controlled by multinational-mega corporations? And that by far the biggest and wealthiest multinational-mega corporations are the pharmaceutical industry?

Are you aware that Klaus Schwab, one of the main drivers of the “covid19” crisis comes from a big Nazi family?

Are you aware that biological/medical issues constituted a major part of the Nazi agenda and that as in the case of  “covid19”, the Nazis wanted to force people to get certain medical procedures? Are you aware that doctors were also tried in Nuremberg?

Are you familiar with “the bio-security state”? Are you informed about how lockdowns, masks, contact tracing, the vaccine mandate, etc., etc. are all clear-cut mechanisms designed to move the human populations into a “bio-security” state (meaning “fascism” via medical fascism).

A “bio-security” state if and when it arrives will likely make life under Hitler look somewhat pleasant in comparison.

Second message

Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Tedros Andronos have big connections with the pharmaceutical industry and stand to make $€billions from people destroying their natural, god-given and beautifully functioning immune systems with a never-before-tried and completely experimental “gene therapy” injection.

If you think that what you got is a “vaccine”, then please tell me how the chemicals that went into your body conform to the classical definition of what is a vaccine? If what you got is actually a “vaccine” according to the classical definition of “vaccine,” then you are truly unique, because what everyone else got was “gene therapy,” which is to say chemicals that re-program your genes and the cells in your body.

Third message

It would be interesting to know if your doctor properly informed you (as he should have) that what you were getting was not really a “vaccine,” but rather that you were getting “gene therapy” (???)

Final message

If your doctor did not inform you about the above, then either he himself is not properly informed about the “covid19” “vaccines” (which aren’t really “vaccines”), or he is engaging in shady behavior by not properly informing his patients about the exact nature of these new, never-before-used and  still “trial use” and completely experimental chemicals that he and/or his colleagues are putting into your body.

If my doctor failed to offer such important information on something that goes into my body and which can never come out of my body, this alone would be reason enough for me never to trust such a doctor and never to go back to him/her.

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