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Throwdowns and Showdowns

Notice, there are two sets of hostages in this phase of what looks like an engineered US collapse: the thousands of stranded Americans who can’t get out of Afghanistan thanks to the history-rockin’ ineptitude of “Joe Biden,” Tony Blinken, and General Mark Milley, and the millions of We-the-People back home whose minds are hostage to the narratives concocted in a shadowland of sinister governance. Welcome to a week of throwdowns and showdowns, a force majeure of mind change.

A strange paralysis in the Pentagon has prevented the use of US power to clear an escape corridor to Kabul’s airport and establish order in the facility — this, after the tactically mystifying decision to abandon the US Bagram military airfield, a good twenty miles outside of festering Kabul, and surrounded by more easily-securable empty desert. Britain and France managed to get their nationals out last week, only to be rebuked by American brass for “making us look bad.” That helped, I’m sure.

And then how long can the stranded Americans even stay hidden and alive? They have to eat. Either they come out of their hidey-holes and get to some market, or they would (theoretically) have to send some Afghani servants to fetch them supplies, But, what Afghani in his right mind would want to be caught in service to the Americans by the Taliban? That quandary must have a pretty short time-horizon on it. Standing by to see how it works out….

Next in this week’s throwdown parade is the FDA’s imminent approval of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine, without any of the usual extensive trials. How does that even happen, with an efficacy rate of 39 percent maximum and a runaway train of vicious side effects ranging from brain and heart damage to infertility? The so-called mRNA “vaccines” are also implicated in the ongoing mutation of the disease, producing a cavalcade of variants. Is that, perhaps, on-purpose, to keep the pandemic going, preventing it from burning-out?

Covid-19 is an expedient device for exercising the most severe control over the daily life of Americans, and it is being used liberally once again in the “blue” cities to make ordinary business as difficult as possible even unto shut-down and ruin. FDA approval will further enable the mandatory “vaccination” of school-children, government workers, and corporate employees. About half the country still refuses to get jabbed. You are about to see them go hard-core when the FDA makes its move.

The shadow cabal behind “Joe Biden” will, accordingly, destroy what is left of public education as millions of parents withdraw their kids from the system. You will then see the rapid assembly of home-schooling networks that aggregate informally into small private academies — and, of course, the biggest losers will be the minorities who lack the cultural mojo to home-school. Well done, “Joe Biden” and the FDA!  While you’re at, why not destroy Higher Ed, too? (That sound you’ll hear is plywood getting nailed up on the windows of countless insolvent small colleges.)

The school revolt will only be one part of a greater uproar against the confabulated hysteria of Covid-19. Throwdown will lead to showdown as the alienation of We-the-People from a tyrannical rogue government bangs the crisis gong. Next up: the release of the Arizona election audit’s preliminary findings. Rumor is that they show the grossest possible, and probably criminal, mismanagement of the balloting, pointing to a conclusion that “Joe Biden” did not win that state’s election. Additional rumor has it that the ballots carried hidden, traceable serial numbers, or something like that, showing conclusively how the paper vote was rigged. Rachel Mddow’s nightmare — “They have the ballots!!!” — comes true… a wake-up for the Woked-up.

As predicted here, John Durham is back in the news. The captive news media — that is, the mainstream orgs owned by the Intel Community — put stories out last week that the RussiaGate special prosecutor has actually made some trips to the grand jury. That implies some kind of criminal prosecution. Their spin was that he had only netted a few small-fry, characters mostly outside government such as Igor Danchenko of the Brookings Institution, said to be the chief source for Christopher Steele’s nefarious “dossier.” Don’t believe it. Durham is going for the sharks and whales: Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, John Brennan, Bruce and Nellie Ohr… and, really, how can James Comey be excluded from that gang, since he was running it?

This week marks the beginning of the Deep State’s hard time. Its narratives are shredding. Its mind-control measures are slip-sliding away. Half the country has been onto their game for years, and the other half is about to feel their heads explode as a corrective reality elbows into the scene. That is, the real-and-only reality, not the one confabulated backstage for you by skulking quislings. See how you’ve been played? They have taken your country. Maybe you should start caring about that.

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