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Time To Burn Anti-Vax Doctors At The Stake? Take Note Dr. Fauci, Science Says No When Truth Is Presented As Disinformation

Are the doctors who speak out against Covid-19 vaccination charlatans? Should they have their medical licenses taken away by State Medical Boards?  That is what a recent Associated Press story says.

Associated Press is not beneath being the conduit for government-issued propaganda.  Study the chart below, which was NOT published by AP.  What does it tell you about the need for Covid-19 vaccination? (IFR = infection rate)?  If you aren’t adept at interpreting the chart, it says better than 99.9% of all Americans younger than age 69 developed immunity on their own and don’t need to be vaccinated.  Natural immunity is far safer and trumps vaccination.

Small chance of ever benefiting from vaccination

According to the above chart, almost 3 in 1000 children were infected and 0.000027 or 2.7 in 10,000 died, not necessarily due to Covid-19, but with Covid-19.  So, 9,997 have to be vaccinated for 1 life to be saved, presumably from Covid-19, which could be based on a false-positive PCR nasal swab test that the deaths were caused by the virus and not some other factor.

The chance of anyone benefiting from Covid-19 RNA vaccines is nil.  If the serious side effect rate from the vaccines is higher than 0.000027, which it is, then that represents avoidable harm.  Additionally, the few who do develop life-threatening infectious disease need to be treated with medicines, not vaccinated.  Nobody is dying of vaccine deficiency, everyone who dies is dying of a weak immune system.

The advertised 95% vaccine effectiveness is misleading.  Maybe only 1% of the public has Covid-19-associated symptoms at any given time.  In hard numbers the vaccines can’t be any more effective than 1%.  But in relative numbers, within that one-percent, the vaccines DO temporarily elevate immunity.  Not immunity against Covid19, but immunity in general.  Which is why booster shots are needed.

“Hospitalizations and deaths are just too uncommon in the population being studied for an effective vaccine to demonstrate statistically significant differences in a trial of 30,000 people,”
Peter Doshi, associate editor of the British Medical Journal.

Does Covid-19 vaccination appear safe to you?

As of December 10, 2021 the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting Service documents 965,841 such adverse events, which includes 20,244 deaths; 106,129 hospitalizations; 12,127 eruptions of Bell’s palsy and 11,129 of shingles; 35,529 cases of serious allergic reaction; 3,297 miscarriages; 10,229 heart attacks; 19,039 blood clotting problems and 33,675 permanent disability cases.  Here is a chart showing all the deaths associated with all vaccines for the years 1990 forward.

Then the vaccine makers say some “potentially life-threatening” mutated virus requires a booster shot, when natural immunity would cover that problem too.  Without an intact immune system, even the vaccines don’t work.  Natural immunity has been making vaccines look good for a long time.

Without natural immunity, vaccines are ineffective

So where is the public mandate to ensure a functional immune system with the use of supplemental trace minerals such as zinc (required to make T-cells) and selenium (to release zinc), vitamin D (required to make neutrophils and macrophages), and vitamin C (to make natural killer cells and all the other white blood cells)?  There is sufficient science to recommend these natural remedies that anti-vax organizations like de Beaumont ignore.

de Beaumont is an organization that Associated Press describes as an org that protects the public from scams and is leading the charge against anti-vax physicians.

Survey said

In a report entitled “Immediate Action Needed To Hold Doctors Accountable For Spreading Covi-19 Disinformation,” De Beaumont says it conducted a survey to ask if Americans hold doctors accountable for spreading Covid misinformation.  Their survey said 9 in 10 did think doctors should be held accountable for spreading misinformation.  But what is misinformation to the financially-conflicted medical establishment and the vaccine industry is truth to less-biased others.

De Beaumont: not an unbiased org

According to Influence Watch, De Beaumont receives funding from left-wing progressive organizations, is avidly pro-vaccine, has assets totaling $163 million, and its leadership is made up of people who previously worked for government and political parties.

De Beaumont represents a reality in America, that decisions to vaccinate or not vaccinate are often made along political lines, rather than medical evidence.  As a stealth political organization, de Beaumont does not hold high moral ground to influence Americans about an important medical issue such as experimental vaccination.  A report published in the British Medical Journal states there simply is not enough evidence to back mandatory vaccination.

A misinformation center itself

De Beaumont spreads misinformation itself, like the claim unvaccinated adults are a greater public threat than Covid-19.  In fact, according to an authoritative report published in the British Medical Journal, vaccinated and unvaccinated people seem as likely to infect others.

Even Dr. “science,” Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases, stated “this would not be the first time… a vaccine that looked good in initial safety actually made people worse.”  There is increased mortality within the first 14 days following vaccination, but this is categorically not blamed on the vaccine because initially vaccinated subjects are “not fully vaccinated” (haven’t received booster shots).

Not a grass-roots org

De Beaumont is not a grass-roots org that is led by people who represent the public’s interests.  It is not an unbiased arbiter over the contentious issue of vaccination.  That position is actually represented by Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s CHILDREN’S HEALTH DEFENSE.

De Beaumont conducted another survey to determine what would convince the unvaccinated to get vaxed.  FDA approval was the answer for most vaccine-hesitant individuals.   De Beaumont failed to inform those who read their report that the current clinical trials for RNA Covid-19 vaccines are not designed to determine whether these experimental vaccines save lives or prevent transmission or infection.  Those types of studies would be very lengthy and costly.

What does de Beaumont have to say about Covid-19 RNA vaccines being associated with far more serious side effects and deaths than all of the prior vaccines ever used?  Answer: nothing.

While the CDC just announced it is directing the public away from the J&J Covid-19 vaccine on December 15, de Beaumont still had its recommendation of confidence from an April poll still posted at its site.

According to de Beaumont, “All three COVID-19 (RNA) vaccines have been proven to be safe and effective, based on extensive clinical trials and the fact that nearly 200 million Americans have received at least one shot without major complications.”  This is an egregious misrepresentation.

De Beaumont says “all three Covid-19 vaccines work.” Yes, they do, but only transiently, and not specifically, and at what price?  Covid-19 RNA vaccines don’t produce long-term antibodies or develop memory T-cell immunity because they don’t present a virus or part of a virus the body’s immune system would recognize.  Therefore, it is questionable whether they can even be called vaccines.  Without long-term immunity, why vaccinate?  Better to allow the few get really sick to be treated with medicines.

Why would ANYONE submit to a vaccine that is a toxin?

Why would anybody in their right mind even consider being injected with 40 trillion RNA particles that make spike protein, when that is how coronaviruses enter living cells?  Why would anyone want all the cells in their body wide open to ACE receptor site to a notoriously mortal virus?

Yes, as de Beaumont indicates, at one point in time, the Delta Variant made up over 90% of all Covid-19 cases. This is normal, as newly mutated variants actually eliminate the deadly forms and those infected die and do not present a threat to the general public.  Researchers have found 70% of uninfected individuals already have coronavirus-specific killer T-cells!

So, to revisit de Beaumont’s agenda, to de-license anti-vax doctors – it has no scientific call to do that.  It is a political witch hunt.

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