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To Protect People from the Effects of Folly is To Fill the World With Fools

Consequences are real.

Consequences are just.

Reality is just.

Does it always make sense? Certainly not to me. And that may be my limitation speaking on this topic, a limitation that pushes me to always try to make sense of everything.

Sometimes it’s okay to just sit back and to realize there are things out of my power.

I don’t want people to become obedient sheep under a bad shepherd. I don’t want people to live life in fear. I don’t want to be ruled by fear-mongers. I don’t want the air to be choked by their fear-filled diatribes, whether they be politician, pharmaceutical company, or media conglomerate. They all have something to sell, and it’s fear that so helps them sell it. How badly they need our fear. Whether to provide them that, is entirely your choice.

I do not acquiesce.

I want so much more.

I will live as righteous and as just of a life as I know how. All the days of my life, I will demand better of myself and give more of myself. I will be more devoted to being more excellent and giving more and giving better to those who enter into my orbit.

I don’t know where that leads to, but it won’t lead bad places. I know that much.

And if I don’t do that, I know there will be consequences.

If I encounter wisdom on my path and I am not obedient to the wise words spoken to me, I know what the outcome of that is.

I don’t need it spelled out for me.

I don’t know how it works. I know that it works though.

Do bad, you end up in a bad way. Do good, you end up in a good way.

Call it what you must to make sense of it. I’m okay not making sense of it. It’s just how things tend to work.

A wise reader sent me a quote describing reality, a true statement about cause and effect in life. “To protect people from the effects of folly is to fill the world with fools.” -Herbert Spencer

We have not reached the pinnacle of life. There is no state of perfection that has been achieved in our midst. It is silly to place mystical power in the hands of a health department, in the hands of a politician, or in the hands of an economist. They might want you to imagine that a mysticism surrounds them, a cloud of godly omniscience and omnipotence. They may want that. That’s silly though. It’s even sillier when we can use a litmus test of reality and see that there is no reality there that affirms the sense of putting mystical powers in the Faucis, the Newsoms, and the Gateses of the world.

Fauci: “He Who Works With The Sickle” 

Fauci is a surname meaning “he who works with the sickle” or “he who makes the sickle.” A sickle is a thing of splendor, for with it one may reap a harvest with so much more ease than with bare hands. Like any tool, it can be used for good. For great even. Just like one’s intellect can be used for good or ill, one’s medical training can be used for good or ill, one’s access in government ban be used for good or ill.

The grim reaper carries the sickle. The sickle is then a sign of death as well. The Soviet Union used the hammer and sickle as the sign of their sick form of government. More than 100 million died over the Century of the Great State at the hands of their own state, under governments that claimed to operate for the well-being of the people. Regimes that virtue signaled most loudly about their care for the downtrodden were most guilty of this. All that was needed was for populations to allow such a silly thing as concentrating power in the hands of the government to take place. Power over ones own life is to be held greedily in the hands of every individual.

Gates: “The Thing Meant To Be Pushed Open” 

A Gate is a flexible thing that must be unlocked, pushed open, or broken down in order to get to the other side of a fence, wall, or fortification. It is often the weakest and most movable part of a fortification, and it also tends to be the part that gets the most attention.

Newsom: “The Newfangled Newcomer With Goofy Ideas”

The word Newsom refers to “a newcomer,” one who lives in a place with new houses. Newcomers have new ways. The name reflects one who does not exactly fit in among the common sense, hard working, salt of the earth people around him. It is he who fits in an established neighborhood of families generations old as well and as local as a trendy subdivision built atop the former local baseball field. It is the name for a person who paves paradise to put up a parking lot. Sometimes you don’t know what a special thing you have in life until someone like that comes along and destroys it on you. This is no assault on property rights, only a reminder that not all change is good, the kind of reminder that Newsom has offered the people of California every day since the Ides of March 2020.

California sits alongside the largest body of water in the world, yet it suffers from drought. It has some of the nation’s most expensive gasoline a mile away from major refineries that an earlier generation wisely built, refineries that today would never be allowed to be built. It has more natural resources at its disposal than most countries on the planet. Yet, it suffers from the greatest ill, such artificial scarcity, widespread artificial poverty, and at the hands of those who are allowed to artificially oppress the people of that place and who are allowed to gain power for themselves in crisis after crisis. The political class learned long ago that if government is granted more power in an emergency, then they only need to create more emergencies to collect for themselves more power.

The Choice Rests In Each Of Us Individually 

We have the ability to make choices. There is nothing inevitable. A great deal rests on our choices.

We have an opportunity in front of us. We have an opportunity to see what folly we have done. We have an opportunity.

I do not desire for the vaccinated to get sick. The consequence of their actions is that they will likely get sick. We know the Covid shot is certainly not effective at preventing the spread of Covid, the FDA states so in its Emergency Use Authorization. We now see that it is also not safe. It is not simply of neutral safety either. It is patently unsafe. The consequence of putting a dangerous substance into your body is harmful to your body, a body that you have therefore been a bad steward to.

Causes Have Effects 

Am I cruel for pointing this folly? Am I cruel for pointing to the reality that fools will suffer harm? Maybe. Can it be any surprise though that if you let a person live a coddled existence from cradle to grave that they will not understand consequence?

Let your child skin her knee. Let him climb a tree that he could fall from. Let him lose all his hard earned savings in stupidity and don’t give him a bailout, because a lifetime of bailouts will assure that he has an inconsequential life filled with decisions of folly. A childhood of consequence will allow for an adulthood of consequence. Let people live in reality, no matter how painful that may be, no matter how injurious. Let them know cause and effect. Let them know all the reward of their decisions and all the harm as well.

Is that cruel? No, it is real, because eventually reality catches up with each of us. The real choice then, is if you will live a life filled with an intimate understanding of reality or if you will live a life filled with lies. The lies will not set you free. The bailout will not set you free. The low-impact, rounded-corner, sterile-surfaced, bubble-wrapped playground will not set you free, nor will a risk-free adulthood set you free. It is the truth that shall set you free.

Far from cruel, what a gift it is to support a person with encouragement after they fall rather than support them by rewarding the fall or by denying the reality of the fall. You do them a great service if you can just be honest.

Then why the desire to run from reality? And to announce such flight from truth not as utter deception but as justice and advancement? It’s a lie. That’s what it is. Running from reality is dishonesty. Running from reality is a lie.

The Lie Of The Teenage Years 

Childhood has no place in the life of the 30 year old, just as it has no place in the life of the 13 year old. Men must be men and women must be women. The amorphous perpetual childhood denies people precious years of meaningful and consequential life. It is a lie.

That lie serves the most base interests in society. Let your 13 year old be expected to be an adult, rather than the low standard “teenager,” that society wants of him. The most base in society would have him live that lie from 13 years old to 113 years old if they could.

Wearing Masks Have Effects 

I do not desire for the masked to be pushed into every manner of evil, evil that they will likely acquiesce to. The consequence of their actions is that they will likely be pushed into exactly that evil. When you tell the world you will put up with small evils, such as wearing a mask, you are telling the world you are ready to put up with big evil.

The face mask is not effective, that we knew long before 2020. Now we are learning that it is also not safe. It is in fact dangerous to those wearing them.

I wish harm upon no one.

The reality is when you do stupid things, you get stupid outcomes, often outcomes detrimental to yourself and others.

Pain, Approached Right, Brings Growth & Learning 

When you engage in folly, you get the effects of folly. The pain of such effects help bring us back from utter folly. Without such pain, society is forever left in a state of foolishness.

I wish no harm upon anyone, and I know as well that the time to avoid harm is before the act has occurred.

The Future Being Planned For Us, A Future We Don’t Have To Accept 

Flu season lasts from around September until around April every year in the northern hemisphere. That is when people are more likely to get respiratory viruses and die from those infections.

Morbidity and mortality data for the year before comes out in the summer of each year.

In the summer of 2021, we will see such folly in what took place in 2020, depicted in undeniable statistics from the year before. Each year, about 1% of the US population died of all causes, the same was the case in 2020. That’s a hard dataset to lie about.

Politicians, media, and pharmaceutical companies will do their best to convince you otherwise, but by that point it won’t matter, as long as they can get enough people vaccinated by summer 2021.

The new crisis of “death by long-term impacts of vaccine” will have so overcome society. All they need to do is depict the narrative as not a death by a vaccine but death because not vaccinated enough, death by new strains, or death spread by the unvaccinated.

The Impact Of Folly Is An Inseparable Part Of Individual Agency — Both Of Which The Paternalistic Hope To Deny You 

All their effort will be put into divorcing the fool from the impact of his folly, by convincing man that it wasn’t his fault.

This is nothing new. Modernity wants so badly to deny you agency, to step in and to give an even better deal than God seeks to give. Modernity says “None of what happens to you is your fault and none of what takes place in the world is your say.” If you sign up for that, you are denied agency, denied free will, denied the heart of Western culture, denied the heart of human development since Moses walked the earth and Jesus followed.

A lot of work went into exactly that.

Do not let anyone deny you agency. Blame yourself as honestly as you can. Push against anything undisciplined in you as severely as you can. Put the responsibility on you. Honor your own free will. Recognize how much your every decision matters.

If it doesn’t matter, you walk through life a fool. If it matters, you walk through life with agency, an important step toward being a fully functioning adult.

It’s not just a mask you strap to your face.

It’s not just a mask you strap to your child’s face.

It’s a whole lot more.

Take your agency seriously.

Don’t let them lie to you about how there are no consequences. Don’t ever believe anyone who claims there is no downside.

Stop it now.

Stop the mask now.

You have agency. You matter. Your life matters. Your decisions matter.

Stop wearing the face mask. Read the bestselling “Face Masks in One Lesson to get yourself there, read Allan Stevo’s writing, to stop masking as well, and sign up for his email newsletter at for videos, classes, and activism opportunities on the same. We can stop this before it’s too late. 

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