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Uniformity Makes Us into Animals and Machines

According to management, he is the lone remaining holdout at work. I’m not sure how much I trust his management. That reader writes sarcastically:

Dear Allan, 

We are now part of a small minority. 

I am thinking of just getting the vaccine. Apparently the other five individuals have already buckled. Maybe I will get lucky and it will kill me.  

Excuse my sarcasm. 

Sarcastic Thomas 

Thomas comments “I am part of a small minority.” I don’t like Thomas’s suggestion, because it misrepresents hopeful theory as fact.

It’s not his hopeful theory either.

Never represent the hopeful theory of a propagandist as fact. In so doing, you will be representing a lie as fact, and will yourself then be a liar.

The talking voices of the mainstream want you and I to believe that we are part of a small group of people. The true minority is the group leading society down the path of corona communism. Only by using the many establishment mouthpieces deceitfully can such a small ultra-minority of deluded people get anyone to believe their destructive nonsense.

They think that if you tell a lie enough, it becomes reality. It doesn’t. It just becomes an oft repeated lie.

Some Of These People Are So Desperate 

There is danger in putting your trust in people so desperate. If I turn on the broadcast news for even ten seconds, the desperation is apparent. Never in my life has it been like this. There have been, reliably, throughout my life, a few minutes of desperation in most news programs, but now literally ten seconds of airtime cannot pass without that desperation coming out. It’s a very different level of desperation and deceit, almost totally devoid of anything resembling unvarnished fact.

Humans Naturally Abhor Desperation…Unless…

As humans, we avoid desperate people. They lack the ease and confidence to deserve our company. That’s a natural and wonderful thing. If a desperate guy approaches you on the street today, you are going to react differently than if a calm and collected person did the same. You won’t want to have anything to do with the desperate guy. Unless…. And it’s a big unless…he can convince you “We’re all in this together.”

If he can convince you that his crisis is also your crisis, then suddenly his desperation becomes an asset to you and you may even do as he says.

Something Fallen Totalitarian Regimes Share In Common 

Nearly every totalitarian regime in the days before it toppled looked as mighty as ever to the people living within its walls. Someone will always step forward posthumously and say they knew the end was near. They probably didn’t. Seldom does a member of a subjected populous realize how unstable and weak a regime is. If they did, others would, and the regime would cease to be. It is belief in the ability of a regime to govern that is so effective in hoisting up regimes. Many more things than lack of faith can topple a regime though.

They Are So Disconnected & Desperate, Details They Prefer You Gloss Over 

Turn on the TV and the desperation is so present. The brainwashing. The narrative. The near inability to tell the truth. It’s everywhere on television: desperate people saying desperate things.

You may write me, dear reader, saying “I can’t believe how stupid people are. How are they able to say these things with a straight face?” and the existence of such lies in the media may depress you.

That is not the case for me.

The more outlandish it all becomes, the more certain I am of the end. The more clear their desperation is, the more obvious the flimsiness of the regime is. They’d like you to believe the opposite, that you are in it together with the members of the regime’s politburo, that you are all just watching out for each other like a couple of friendly neighbors exchanging pleasantries.

Lots Of People Are Waiting For Permission To Act Honestly 

You may see such news and write me dear reader saying “I can’t believe how stupid people are being. How are they able to believe these stories on the news?” Like you, they are all looking around and mostly nodding to keep up appearances. They are just waiting for the permission to act out, for the social cue to speak honestly, rather than politely or obediently or subserviently. But if everyone is waiting for permission from someone else, then the social cue never comes.

I wish your notes to me, dear reader, were the only notes I received that told me a story of right-minded people waiting for others to act out before they deem themselves comfortable enough to act out as well. They aren’t. I hear it often.

You must do the right thing at every moment in life regardless of how unpopular it is, regardless of the consequences. That is the duty of a person of values. Seldom do any of us really encounter a situation where we can’t see the difference between right and wrong. You know the difference in this situation, and if you aren’t boldly forging ahead and doing what is right, you are then doing what is wrong. You must never be one of the people waiting for permission.

Lots Of People Believe The Narrative That Their Numbers Are Small 

I wish you were the only person writing me to tell me that they were part of a small minority. You aren’t the only person writing that. So many people write me that self-defeating narrative that I wonder how small such a group could possibly be that it sends me so many emails.

It seems to be a powerful thought that has made its way into the heads of so many. They seem to have been convinced that they are all alone.

You aren’t.

This Activity Will End Your Misinformed Loneliness Promptly 

If you shake the hand of every person you see without a mask, you stop to talk for a few minutes, you get their phone number from them by saying “How do I keep in touch with you?” you follow up a few hours later by inviting them to sit down with you at the local park to talk next Saturday at 2 pm, and you do that every Saturday for the next 3 months, then within 3 months you will have a group of people who can upend the local school board, upend the local county board, and who might even be able to upend your local congressman.

Social media isn’t inherently social. Our tendencies when we use it are about as anti-social as it gets. Use your phone and your social media and your knowledge of what’s right to get people like you outside together face-to-face regularly.

There are groups like that will help facilitate this further, or Citizen Corps or MakeAmericaFreeAgain, though I have found to be the most advanced of these group, far ahead of its peers in offering infrastructure and opportunities for socializing.

Socializing with likeminded folks ultimately leads to activism. Tools like these websites are useful, but you don’t need these tools. You really only need your diligence to meet people, get their phone number, and a regular weekly meeting in a park.

Do this and within three months you will never be able to say to me “I’m in a small minority.” Friend, we have no idea what anyone is thinking or doing unless we ask them and even then we may not know, at least not until they trust us. I don’t let the intermediaries such as pollsters, pundits, or politicians tell me what others are thinking. I don’t let social media gurus or marketers trying to sell me something or pitch me on an agenda tell me what others are thinking. I let individuals tell me what they are thinking, and if I’m a decent enough person, I may even be rewarded with hearing the truth.

A Lot Of People Don’t Tell Others What They Are Thinking

A lot of people don’t tell others the truth. A lot of people don’t tell others what they are thinking.

Pollsters have known this for some time. They call it “the shy Tory” effect. If a person holds an opinion deemed by the media mouthpieces as unpopular, they are less likely to tell that opinion to the complete stranger pollster who probes them about their deepest, darkest secrets. There’s hardly anything controversial about that: the more the psychopathic leftist media machine vilifies anyone who disagrees with them, the less likely their psychopathic leftist pollster brethren will be to get truthful statements from the vilified.

Dear reader, you say you are in a small minority. I’d beg to differ.

My Anecdotal Evidence Is What I Have & Is More Useful To Me Than Anything In The Media 

The anecdotal evidence at my disposal, hard won and honest anecdotal evidence, is what I have to work with. That’s imperfect, but it’s pretty good, and definitely more trustworthy than practically anything I’ll find in the rest of the media.

By extrapolation, somewhere between 50 million and 330 million Americans do not believe the Covid narrative. I don’t know exactly how big or how small that number is. I know that it’s a pretty big number though.

Though I have not travelled much during Covid, judging from my past twenty years of tirelessly traveling the world, hardly anyone on Main Street Russia, Main Street Zambia, Main Street Nicaragua, or virtually anywhere else around the world, believe the narrative of the American media.

By extrapolation, I estimate that somewhere between 2 billion and 8 billion people breathing at this moment agree with you that 1.) they either don’t care enough about this silly narrative to even follow it in the news or 2.) they don’t believe the official story.

You’d think I’d have learned my lesson by now, but it’s a constant joyful surprise to me how common it is for me to realize that a rural second world or third world farmer has far more common sense and worldliness than a well-connected, well-diplomaed, promising junior executive in New York City. The same is true for any Western technocrat.

Please stop letting the lie be spoken in front of you that only a small number of people don’t believe the narrative.

Whether or not that number constitutes a majority is unclear to me.

A Note About The Definition Of Majority 

Majority is often defined as “50% plus one.” If any government data around Covid is to be believed (it’s not), then some 30% of the population has fallen for this ruse and been vaccinated.

These statisticians and bureaucrats are cut from the same cloth as the people who didn’t like how poorly inflation data made their masters look, so they stopped reporting inflation data.

These are the same people who didn’t like how badly unemployment data made their masters look, so they changed the definition of “unemployed,” with each President for years whittling down the definition further.

These are the same people who didn’t like the Covid data, so they redefined what it means to die of Covid. Dying “with” Covid rather than dying “from” Covid barely covers that.

The data is so erroneous in so many more ways, so erroneous as to be worthless. I’m talking forty years of the scammiest deceitful behavior by allegedly revered public servants. Many readers of these pages can easily, from memory, add a dozen more government lies to this list.

To such people, it goes without saying that the data from the state is not to be believed.

But even then, taking all that into consideration, not even the government with their unverifiable, cooked, unfounded, invented Covid “vaccination” numbers claim a majority of people have been vaccinated. 


About 30% of Americans have been vaccinated they claim, a number I believe to be much smaller. Even if the number is right, that means 70% of Americans have not been vaccinated.


You deserve more than to lie to yourself. Feed your spirit with the truth that you may prosper.

With that firmly established, I’d like to take it a bit further. I wish you wouldn’t even trouble yourself with such a concept as majority or minority. Majority does not equal morality. Might does not make right. It is not our duty for our time on this earth to be popular or to be mighty. The duty is to do what’s right. If popularity or might follow, then so be it. Don’t be distracted from doing what’s right.

Caring About Being In The Majority Or Minority Is A Distraction  

“Majority” is a problematic term for he who believes in freedom. It’s a concept that the Bolsheviks happily adopted, a tool of the thug, a concept that uses democracy (a system in which mere elections are decided by the majority) and perverts the concept to deem all opinion as valid or invalid based on whether a majority agrees or not.

This is a far departure from the idea of deciding a silly election for the glorified version of dogcatcher based on who gets more votes. It barely matters who gets more votes as long as government is tiny. You could just as well cast lots or flip coins.

Government isn’t tiny though. That’s the problem, just the problem the Bolsheviks want. Every expansion of government power plays into their hands: the class of people who want to isolate control into the hands of a few.

Bolsheviks have long used the false morality of democracy to cast their immoral ideas in a positive light, at times even going so far as to force everyone to vote in totally rigged, sham elections with predetermined outcomes setup to create the air of legitimacy rather than the stink of illegitimacy that hangs like a cadaverous and putrescine stench over the White House.

The Washington D.C. Bolsheviks did it wrong. The people are supposed to be overjoyed by a properly stolen election, not emboldened. It is looking increasingly likely that it doesn’t end well for them. Democracy is a powerful tool of the totalitarian if used right.

Bolshevik, by the way, is a Russian word that means “he who is in the majority.” When I use the word Bolshevik, I sometimes use it loosely to mean “every government thug who has ever tried to use morality to justify his immorality.” You may call them technocrats. You may call them communitarians or communists or many others names.

These people need one thing. They need their power to be solidified by grouping humanity into predictable and controllable boxes. Disinterested in even speaking this false legitimacy of popularity and majority-rule, I prefer to keep my evaluations of Bolshevik policy in the moral and philosophical realm.

Man is made in the likeness of God and possesses inalienable rights not to be denied him, a truth that does not need exposure to the litmus of popularity to be any more or less true.

To fit man into a box is to dehumanize him, commoditize him, make him less God-like, a power the technocrat wishes to claim for himself. But the reality is that no one is capable of dehumanizing you but you.

Grouping Humanity Into Predictable & Controllable Boxes 

Dear reader, uniformity makes us into animals and machines.

Of course some demonic spirit wants you to take that vaccine.

And of course a bunch of misled people did exactly that.

But you have read Genesis 1:27 and you know that uniformity is not what is intended of you: “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.”

You have read the work of Ludwig von Mises and you know that your humanity comes down to your choice. How meaningful your agency and actions are. Christians call this free will, but such a term does not have to be used.

You have read the work of other greats, and you know that your spontaneity, your individuality, your uniqueness, your choice is a masterful thing.

Don’t be a fool and throw away what makes you special, just because someone else was foolish enough to do the same.

Don’t let your Godlike nature be shoved in a box because you feel pressured to be like others. Instead, live a life of that makes it impossible for others to look upon you and not recognize their own Godlike nature, that makes it impossible for people to look upon you and to not want better of themselves.

Some have not had the gifts you’ve had in the world. Some have not had the advantages.

More is expected of you.

The Variable Is In People Like You 

Twisted people have existed in every era. Sheepish people have existed in every era. These are the constants of all human life. The variable is in people like you. Will the moral backbone of society lead? Will the moral backbone of society stay asleep?

There is no one in charge. It is up to you. In your community, in your circle of friends, you are the one called to lead.

Your decision to lead or to not lead will determine the direction of those around, and that decision will reverberate far beyond that.

It would be nice if it was up to someone else. But it’s all up to you.

America does not need Trump — a generally good and mighty man who was re-elected by a majority of the electorate on November 3, 2020 — America needs Jesus. This is true for believers and non-believers alike. And anyone who knows what he is doing is wrong and still does it, needs Jesus most of all, the believer and non-believer alike, the moral example of a man who will stand up even if no one around him gives him permission to stand. We need those examples.

That example is needed of you, to be the moral man who stands up even if no one around you gives permission for you to stand.

It all comes down to you, dear reader. Will you lead or will you back down? Your community needs you to choose well, to choose wisely, to put your own comfort second, and to put your values first.

What do you believe in? A moment like this, a moment of clarity, is a gift that focuses the mind and lets you commit to being either a person of values or to being a person of preference.

I do not care about leading the sheep. I care about waking the lions. Community by community, family by family, circle by circle we win if you will just be moved to stand up and speak honestly about what you believe, to identify your boundaries, communicate your boundaries, and defend your boundaries.

To do otherwise is the most ignoble lie. And dear reader, dear friend, to do otherwise makes you nothing but a liar.

And, Sir, I know you are better than that.

Tell the truth. Do it now. Do it every chance you get. Both you and those around you will be most richly rewarded in life if you can do just that.

The ripples you will have through the world will be so great as to be immeasurable if you can just do that.

Tell the truth.
Do it now.
Do it every chance you get.

And don’t lie by wearing a face mask. If you don’t know how to do that, resources exist to help you do that. I wrote the book “Face Masks in One Lesson,” not to make money but to help people never again wear a mask. My LRC writing offers the same. My writing provides video options when you sign up for the email list. But most of all it comes down to you and the standard you set for yourself. Will you be that upright, moral man or will you be something else? 

Let’s be the people who make all of this right again. It may not be easy, but it’s guaranteed to be glorious. 

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