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Vaccine Euphoria

What is all the excitement about? People everywhere celebrating a vax jab with social media pics of their vaccine card, stickers that proudly state “I Got Vaccinated!!” and thumbs up congratulations all around as if the recipients just had a baby or won the lottery.

I’m surprised people aren’t giving out cigars with “It’s a Covid Jab!” printed on the wrapping.

There hasn’t been this sort of celebration since World War II blood drives resulting in the proud display of a window plaque that read “I Did My Part for the War Effort!” Indeed you did, my friend, indeed you did! You did your part for the war effort!

What war? Oh right, the war against Covid-19, or more accurately, the war against Mother Nature.

Mother Nature? How’s that? We’ve been in a rather silent war with that esteemed lady for quite some time. Only recently it has become rather noisy, and now, with Covid-19, it has reached a deafening pitch. Why would that sort of war excite people? And what does getting the vaccine have anything to do with a war against nature?

Mankind has had a stupefying obsession with technology since before the Russians launched Sputnik in 1957. Much of our love affair with technology has been very rewarding, so no complaint there. But along with the wonderful results of all that incredible science and ingenuity we have become more and more disconnected from the dust we have been made from.

Humans have always had a weird relationship with messy, smelly, nature. When Darwin came along people were more disgusted with the possibility that we could have ascended from the dirty, stupid, apes rather than expressing a disgust that Darwin’s theory of evolution was challenging the prevailing position we just appeared here, all squeaky clean and special, from the actual hand of God. Forget nature, we want to stay away from that muck—as far away as we can! Not only dirty, it can hurt us, and quite easily kill us!

Before medical technology caught up with our wildest dreams of living forever with no suffering, we had to make do. If a virus came along we were forced to let nature run its course. Before vaccines were discovered with the advent of Dr. Edward Jenner’s incredible work with cowpox, we didn’t have a choice but to grovel at the feet of Mother Nature and let her do her thing.

Ultimately it all turned out pretty well; we are still here, aren’t we? — due to, among other things, the miracle of our immune systems.

Things are different now, transhumanism is on the rise and is arriving hand in hand with the upcoming technocracy—we may one day actually be able to live forever! Yahoo! Certainly we can fight this war with Covid, with nature, and win the battle — one step closer to conquering nature entirely! We can cheat death, cheat illness, cheat suffering! Pass out the cigars!

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