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We Must Perpetuate Non-Synthetic Life Against a Dominating Sociopathic Finance Force

independent researcher and activist Alison McDowell and Solari Report publisher and managing member of Solari Investment Advisory Services Catherine Austin Fitts recently had a fascinating talk entitled “Weaponizing Blockchain: Profiting on the Growth of Inequality.”

Fitts’ and McDowell’s discussion.

The debt finance piece is critical to understanding what is happening in the world now as capitalism falls apart and the global technocrats attempt to virtualize finance and commoditize and control all human life behavior.

Fitts and McDowell talked about the diabolical new economic model of these globalists to move natural life into a synthetic abomination of itself. This model will utilize a settler-colonial mindset, set aside law, impose a medical passport system, control the planet’s people through digital slavery, and construct a weaponized social safety net utilizing automation, robots, biosensors and drones. “We have every reason to believe we are staring down the barrel of a serious genocide effort,” says Fitts whose background is from the “right,” conservative or Republican side. McDowell comes from the “left” with her sensibilities toward the poor, indigenous populations, and people of color. Their thinking evolved from the left-right paradigm as they increasingly understood these labels are meaningless in terms of the realities and objectives of the global agenda.

One goal of the globalists is to create a social credit system consisting of the construction of a ledger system and token economy that holds the currency, rights and privileges of the population. As McDowell puts it, individuals would be forced to live their lives “in a ‘Mother may I’ game.” The globalists’ plan is to extract the wealth from humans as they engineer these humans into poverty status. First and foremost, she says, “They are targeting reproduction, the unborn, and children.”

McDowell became aware of this agenda as a mother making observations about her daughter’s education in the Philadelphia public school system. She is exposing the “transhumanist hedge fund game” where those controlling it “brainwash toddlers with virtual reality and video games.” Through her meticulous research, she painstakingly uncovered and unraveled how hedge fund investors were profiting off the poor and, in particular, targeting children by monitoring and surveilling their digital educational activities and investing in the data-driven “Pay for Success” human capital market and social impact bonds. McDowell realized how the profit objectives of these investors were dependent on the removal of students from classrooms to digital online learning but couldn’t foresee how schools could ever be closed and all learning transferred to computers. Then in March 2020 Covid-19 happened. She has done many interviews, created videos, and written articles on the complexities of how these investors, government managers and administrators, corporations, and foundations fund and profit from the management and expansion of poverty and how the UN’s sustainable development goals factor into this agenda.

In this envisioned transhumanist future, Fitts observes, the nature of life is recreated into synthetic life that the globalists plan to control, own and patent by synthesizing and de-sexing humans. Humans can be integrated into robotics or human hybrids. (Many doctors and scientists have pointed out the Covid shots are a key step in this process.) Fitts notes how this synthesis would avoid the need to create different legal systems, a process that would take decades.

While the poor, less educated and criminally inclined generally have been susceptible to illegal drug use like meth and opioids and then processed into the for-profit prison system through illegal drug offenses, the more stable, law abiding, family oriented, professional, middle class is being processed through pharmacies and hospitals. “Both groups have been carefully managed to optimize the liquidation of both populations,” says Fitts. “The people who lead this don’t believe in capitalism. They practice monopoly and have an immunity to law as legal doctrine. This is organized crime, not capitalism.”

The good news is that even though these globalists control the money and militaries, Fitts and McDowell don’t believe this evil agenda will necessarily manifest. “Do we want to be humans who resonate with other human beings or do we want to be captured by machines and controlled by an invisible force?” asks Fitts. “This means humans have to take back the monopoly of the financial system which is extracting a greater portion of the economy and is destructive of life, the environment, and the human race and is leading into us into a completely psychopathic place.”

“We must resonate with life and not machines,” says McDowell. “We can unify to stand against it. It is a house of cards. The professional class doesn’t believe it yet, but we have to convince them to do it for their children. We have to be prepared but I don’t think it is going to turn out how they think.”

“If you can position this as a sacred engagement that crosses faith, geography, and nationalism, that we stand for the perpetuation of non-synthetic life on this planet against a dominating force of sociopathic finance, military and mad scientists,” says McDowell, “that is a profound narrative that people can get behind.”

McDowell organizes field trips and rallies where she and other activists express their intention and their revocation of consent. These protests have occurred at Wall Street, the New York Federal Reserve, and the House of Morgan.

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