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Weaned Off the Weiner

I gave the Post a good rifling on my commute Friday morning. Nothing held me to the end…until the Style section. “Huma Abedin reclaims her history” looked miss-able at first glance. It’s never a good idea to underestimate the laughs lurking in a subject Bezosians take seriously. The Hillary hench-woman’s bio “Both/And: A Life in Many Worlds” is hot off the presses. Whether the text is as awkward as the title of the book isn’t covered in the story. The piece isn’t a review it’s a heart-render about the Hillarati that reconvened for this historic moment.

When you see the quote, “There are a lot of reasons it’s sad that Hillary never became president. In large part that whole peace and prosperity thing…” in the fifth paragraph, you know you’ve hit paydirt. Philippe Reines is apparently still disappointed the Beltway Blob didn’t get another Afghanistan in Syria. That certainly would have spelled greater prosperity in Mclean, Cleveland Park, Potomac, Bethesda and other zip codes with homes in the 1 million and upwards range. As far as “peace” goes, Mssr. Reines must be getting his definition from an Ingsoc slogan out of 1984.

Abedin did a book launch at Politics and Prose that was “full of admiring students.” They were soon left behind as the worthy repaired to “a celebration at the home of power couple Susanna and Jack Quinn…who, had Clinton won the election, would be running the world.” None of that is a quotation; it’s the actual copy by the article’s author Roxanne Roberts. There’s no mistaking that the writer was caught up in the buzz of power hunger pulsating in the Quinn residence that night. Leafing through the memoir could be interesting but paying for one seems unethical.

Abedin’s whereabouts and role as the Steele dossier was being pieced together are not likely to interest Washington Post investigative reporters. The front page does cover the indictment of Igor Danchenko after numerous other sources beat them to it. Does anyone expect the editors at that paper to do any exhaustive squaring up of past editorials and articles on the matter with present revelations? With Trump out of office the damage is done. Still we get this:

“What if she had never applied for a White House internship? What if she had never fallen in love with Anthony Weiner? What if she left him when his sexting became a national scandal? What if emails on his computer hadn’t alarmed the FBI just days before the 2016 presidential election? Did she change history?”

Not a chance in hell from any rational point of view. Sexual allegations against Trump were off the rails by that time. Weiner was a sideshow. The public was weary from it all. What might have been more compromising were the contents of the 33,000 emails Secretary Clinton had deleted. We were told they were all “personal.” What kind of busy person, in any job, has time for 30 personal emails a day every day for 4 years? News flashes on recovering them faded soon after the election. The FBI supposedly got hold of them but we’ve received no reports. There is ample reason to believe that Hooverites had partisan political preferences at the time. Abedin’s hand in any of this could attract lots of readers. The Post is above such petty gossip.

“In a tight circle of protective women, Abedin always stood out. ‘One word: loyalty,’ said Elizabeth Bagley, a Democratic fundraiser and former ambassador to Portugal. ‘She is the most loyal person in the world. And she would say the same thing about Hillary. We all say the same thing about Hillary.’”

If only they would tell us what, besides Wall Street, her Hillariness is loyal to. They certainly can’t refer to consistent positions. A woman who feels cheated out of her two “turns” to become president obviously expects loyalty. It’s a sense of entitlement that is bad enough coming from royalty.

Who could have foreseen the results of getting hitched to a guy named “Weiner” in a ceremony presided over by Billy Bob Clinton himself? Does evidence exist of competent judgment exhibited by Huma Abedin ever? It is likely the very same qualities that made the lady fall for the New York congressman that appealed to Hillary Clinton. We are now finding out how much history surrounding the 2016 election is in dire need of reclaiming.

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