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What If My Library Tells Me To Wear A Face Shield? What do I do?

Hi, Allan,

Thanks for your writings on Lew Rockwell. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of your book, “Face Masks in One Lesson.”

Meanwhile, our son wants to go browse the public library, which is one of few local organizations insisting on masks. (Our church — soon to be former church, I hope — is another .)


After reading your posts, I called our branch manager today. She offered face shields as an accommodation. Sigh. She also gave me her boss’s name and number and offered I could speak with her, which I will do. 

I told the branch manager that face shields don’t really work for us. 


She was pleasant and respectful. I will call her boss.

But what suggestions do you have if they insist on use of a {silly} shield?  It’s still something in front of our faces. It’s still coercion and lack of autonomy. Which I don’t care to explain to people who don’t care enough to get it without an explanation. 

To make things a bit more complicated, our son doesn’t mind wearing a mask and is a bit annoyed by my insistence that we are not putting ANYTHING on our faces. He is ten. We homeschool, so no masks for school. I have told him that even if he doesn’t mind, it still is not good for him to wear one. And I have told him, he may NOT say that he doesn’t mind when we are at the library. 

Anyway, thanks for your encouragement. 

—A Homeschooling Lioness 


Dear Homeschooling Lioness,

Thank you for your support of my work. Thank you as well for sending this note.

I am sorry to hear about the resistance you are facing.

Thank You For Being The Parent 

Thank you, as well, for being the parent in the relationship. Thank you for helping your son recognize what is harmful around him and to learn to say “No!” to those things. The lessons a parent offers may not be responded to appreciatively for months, years, decades, or ever. That is, of course, no reason to stop.

That also does not mean the lessons are ignored. Nor does it mean the child is not paying attention. They are almost always paying attention, almost always absorbing every meaningful behavior of a parent. The intimate parent-child bond allows no other behavior than that, which is one of many reasons homeschooling is so wonderful for a child. It is also one of many reasons two parents working sixty-hour jobs, or even forty-hour jobs, is so harmful on a child. That parental bond developed in childhood means so much through life, yet parents lightly trade it for a salary.

Not only is he paying attention, his future is being shaped by your behavior today as he builds a toolbox for dealing with the world and develops perspectives for making sense of the world. Your message sparkles with the maternal care you show your son, and it is a beautiful thing.

Some Mothers Have Not Shown Your Steely Resolve — Thank You For Being That Mother 

Some mothers long ago gave up on keeping their sons unmasked. This is one of the surest path to ensuring your child is vaxxed. You send the child mixed messages. You teach the child to lie. You teach the child not to trust you when you put him in a mask. Face Masks Hurt Kids covers these topics in depth. Allowing a mask on your child is very bad in these and other ways. The face mask is harmful to the wearer. This is especially true if that wearer is a child. This period in time has been so filled with deceit on that topic.

If you keep your kid out of the mask, you help to send a very clear message about health mandates imposed on him by the government or any other outside force. If you pick and choose, never being clear or principled, it can be very hard for a child to detect those principles. Said another way — it can be very easy for a child to see that a parent behaving that way has no principles.

I want to commend you for drawing clear boundaries and not allowing that filthy thing or its counterparts on the hallowed face of your child. Now let us turn to the library difficulty you have described.

A Bold Way To Handle The Awful Library Policy 

This is the goal: being able to say “I am not wearing that silly mask,” and to get on with your day undisturbed.

Some people are there. Not everyone is there. Eventually, we want everyone there. If you need training wheels, I have made some training wheels.

A “Training Wheels” Approach With The Library 

These are the training wheels to help you get there: 1.) Asking for the policy, 2.) Identifying exemptions, and 3.) Invoking exemptions.

Virtually all mandatory policies related to health and ability need to have exemptions in order to not be discriminatory. That is federal law.

Why It’s Good To Get Ahold Of The Official Policy 

It sounds like you have already researched the policy and have an idea that exemptions exist. You will, likely, be even better at navigating this conversation with the boss if you can obtain and read word-for-word the PDF of the library policy on masks. It likely has massive loopholes that allow you to not wear a mask and which the librarian is not being entirely forthright with you on.

One Way To Invoke An Exemption Against Any Preposterous Behavior They Demand Of You 

If you want to invoke an exemption, this is my recommend verbiage. It works pretty well.

“I a unable to do X safely.” 

Such as “I am unable to wear a face mask safely. What other options are open to me?” 

If they come at you with other ridiculous approaches that do not work for you, I recommend the same verbiage (if you need training wheels): “I am also unable to wear a face shield. Same problem. What other options are available to me?” 

If they tell you to “hold a Kleenex over your face at all times and jump around on one leg to prevent the spread,” you may say, “I am unable to hold a Kleenex over your face at all times and jump around on one leg. What other options are open to me?” 

Say “No!” to everything that does not work for you. Say “Yes!” to everything that works well for you.

If you need training wheels to help build up that capacity for doing that, Face Masks in One Lesson is written for you and the technique I illustrate here and others contained in that book are for you. You sound to me like exactly the kind of warrior who I wrote that for. My articles cover the same, and those signed up for my newsletter receive videos explaining those concepts.

Isn’t It Lying? 

Some may ask, “But isn’t it lying to say, ‘I can’t wear a face mask safely?’”

No, no one can wear a face mask safely. The science is so clear on that and so few people realize that, that I was moved to write a 500-page book on that topic, chock-full of science (Face Masks Hurt Kids). It contains 181 reasons not to wear a mask, 367 health conditions caused or exacerbated by masks, and more than 800 footnotes on the topic. If anyone in your life believes a mask is safe and effective, I encourage you to get this book and ask them to sit down and page through the chapters with you. With this book as a tool, no one willing to converse with you should be able to ever again claim that a face mask is either safe or effective.

You cannot wear a face mask safely. As far as the science shows, no one can, especially not the way we are expected to currently wear them. That has been known for a long time. Face masks are unsafe for the wearer and ineffective at preventing the spread of a respiratory virus.

The April 3, 2020 face mask recommendations issued by the political hacks at the CDC, and largely duplicated by officials in every county in this country, are based on a total lie: Face masks are safe and effective. Nothing could be further from the truth.

You Must Never Give That Lie Your Tacit Or Overt Approval 

It is your responsibility, as someone who now recognizes that lie, to never again say “Yes” to that lie or “I guess” or “Okay.” Doing so is evil. And it is not a little white lie. It is a massive lie with far-reaching consequences on society and the world around you — most of all on the family that looks to you for leadership.

Unless you are 100% pleased with your two-year free trial of corona communism, I strongly recommend never allowing that filthy mask to grace the hallowed territory of your face again. Church included.

Let me know if this helps. Let me know if it does not help. I look forward to hearing about your wonderful, natural-faced, smile-filled trip to the library.

If you enjoyed this article, read “Face Masks Hurts Kids,” Face Masks in One Lesson,” these LRC articles,, and sign up at You’ll love them all! 

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