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What To Do About School Mask Policy If You Can’t Get an Exemption

Parents are bringing their children back to school and writing me in plentiful numbers. Below are options for those parents who are looking for other recourse.

Things You’ve Done 

1.) You’ve been to the school board. They aren’t responsive.

2.) You’ve spoken to administrators. They have no compassion for your case.

3.) You haven’t found a doctor to talk with about mask exemptions. (If at a total loss, the supremely brave do a great job of this — finding telehealth doctors who know the science behind how harmful masking is and who will then likely be far more able to have an educated conversation with you on the topic of obtaining a face mask exemption).

4.) You thought you had figured out a mask exemption, but were ultimately denied. You appealed the decision, but were still denied. You continued to appeal, and you continue to be denied.

5.) You and the family have talked over home schooling and for whatever reason you believe it is not an option.

6.) You have not found any school in your area that is a better fit and that will not require the unsafe, ineffective, experimental mask on your child.

7.) You have looked at and have determined that this documentation and the expertise provided by the community that gathers there is not the right fit for you or your family to try as a way to push back.

If you have done all that and it is time to return to school, or even if you have already returned to school, then the following may be an option for you to send your child to school unmasked.

Again, this may work even if your child has been to school masked for weeks and has now had enough of placing himself in this compromising situation. Or perhaps you have finally had enough of it. Or perhaps now something in his health condition has changed. The details of that are no one’s business. What matters is that, as of this moment, your child cannot wear a face mask safely. That is all anyone needs to know.

Things You Can Do 

1.) Send your child to school unmasked.

2.) Prepare him for it, talk him through not wearing the mask, and if it is a fit for him and he wants to go to school and will not wear it, be there and support him through this. With the data now available to us over the past year on the harm caused by face masks, I do not believe any parent who masks a child is acting in the best interest of a child.

3.) Accompany him if you must. Stay there. Don’t let him be masked. Don’t let him be bullied by administrators or teachers. Don’t let him be harassed. Until the matter is handled, be there to support him. For as many hours, days, or weeks as you believe it will require for him to be able to walk into the room without you and not be harassed by a teacher and forced to mask, stay there and draw a protective boundary around your child with your presence. The state does not own your child. The teacher does not own your child. Do not be derelict in your role as parent.

4.) If he is mature enough to not be accompanied, then do not accompany him. Let him do it on his own. Stay close by and be easily contactable in case there is trouble.

5.) Let him be sent home. Let him be talked to. Let him be suspended. There will be a time in his life in which that suspension for not wearing the mask can be worn as a badge of honor. Let it be a part of his permanent record. Let the world know what kind of family this child springs from.

It is very important to cause this scene. It is very important to push this issue. It is very important to make a decision maker look you in the eye and tell you that they will not educate your child regardless of whether a mask is safe or unsafe for him. Make that moment happen. Some will back down. Some will work something out. Some will push harder against you.

That moment must happen.

Do not yell. Do not be irrational. Keep your cool throughout it all. Quietly breathe deeply and pray for a moment if you are losing your cool. Ask for strength and calm. You are acting in the right.

There is no reason the police should be called. Tyrants may make such threats. You want your child educated and he cannot wear a face mask safely. If the police come, politely back down. Do not show irreverence to the police when there is no one else to take care of your child if you were that day arrested. Your child may end up in the hands of the most foul people. There is no reason the police should be called. But if the threat is made, you may decide to let them be called and talk with them about the problem, very politely please. Remember that when the police show up, situations can escalate into lethal force unpredictably. I do not think it best for the police to be called. The police showing up is a good indication that your words are not falling on the right ears. It is a good time to go home and regroup.

Come back and try it again tomorrow and every day thereafter. If you are anything like me, there is no limit to the civil disobedience I will go through to help free my family from tyranny. Push back on this way if you have exhausted all other options.

“I cannot wear a face mask safely,” may go a long way in explaining why your child will not wear a mask. No other explanation should be turned to. All details of health are private. All details of conscience are private. In this country, an education is to be provided for to every child who wants one. He is unable to wear a face mask safely and wants to be educated. Show up in the school with your unmasked child and demand that he be educated.

Never wear a mask again. “Face Masks in One Lesson exists to help you do that, as do these pieces, and the email newsletter at full of quick, easy to watch videos on how to make that and other bold steps a reality in your own life. 

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