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What To Do

Writes a lady:

So what can the unvaccinated do to protect themselves from the vaccinated?

Bill responds:

You want to be exposed to the virus so as to develop natural immunity and not have to undergo immunization. Newly mutated strains and the absence of vaccines for these viral mutations demand the human immune system be maximized against this fear-evoking threat.

You will not be able to avoid exposure as the virus is highly virulent, so you must employ measures that address all forms of the virus, including more virulent mutant strains.  Face masks, distancing and hand-washing are not fool-proof ways of preventing infection.  These measures may temporarily delay onset of symptoms, that is all.

The human body is continually exposed to pathogenic bacteria and viruses and does a good job of warding them off if the immune system is up to par.  Your own immune system facilitates universal immunity while vaccines only address one infectious disease pathogen at a time.

Recognize, outside of seniors in nursing homes, the COVID-19 coronavirus only kills one-half of 1% of the adult population.  Over 99% of those infected recover on their own.  However, there is something more sinister that is causing needless death.

Most of the symptomatic cases of infection and death being reported are not due to the virus but rather caused by anxiety and sleeplessness that cause people to drink more alcohol, coffee and tea, all which block vitamin B1 that controls the autonomic nervous system.  A B-1 deficiency (aka beriberi) can mimic all of the symptoms of COVID-19 coronavirus (chronic cough, breathlessness, loss of sense of smell, fever, etc., a problem that modern medicine is oblivious to.  Vitamin B1 as benfotiamine is strongly recommended, particularly for coffee, tea and alcohol drinkers.  These vitamin-deficiency forms of disease are mis-categorized as COVID-19.  Don’t take vitamin B1 at same time as alcohol, coffee or tea.

Fortunately, the virus cannot replicate without a high-arginine environment (chocolates and nuts are high in arginine).  The antidote is lysine, a counter-balancing amino acid rich in cheese and available as an inexpensive dietary supplement.  Lysine can be consumed preventively and taken in higher doses therapeutically if symptoms arise.  Maybe 500-1000 mg/day.

But how to develop long-term immunity without reading for lysine tablets?  Antibodies only last a short while.  For long-term immunity, zinc supplementation would be in order, ~30 mg for adults (not more), and preferably with selenium to release this trace mineral from its binding protein.

Adequately-dosed zinc lozenges which are dissolved in the mouth and taken 5-times throughout the day when symptoms arise, will aid in the production of memory T-cells (cells made in the thymus gland) to produce long-term immunity.  Accompaniment by a zinc ionophore like hydroxychloroquine (a drug) or quercetin (a natural dietary supplement naturally found in red onions and red apple peel) is suggested.  A zinc lozenge that meets these requirements has been formulated (Z-19) and is available at

Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, unequivocally activates immune defenses and along with vitamin A normalizes the immune response.   This minimizes the so-called cytokine (sigh-toe-keen) storm.  A recent report calls for 8000 units of vitamin D/day, which represents around 30-60 minutes of direct mid-day full-body sun exposure.  Health authorities made a mistake in their calculations how much vitamin D is needed and only recommend 400-2000 units/day.

If breathlessness does occur, you don’t want to run to the hospital if you don’t need to.  You will then find yourself on the hospital conveyor belt where you are exposed to the very viruses you want to avoid and where antibiotic resistance is high and medical errors abound.  It would help every family to have a nebulizer handy.  Nebulizers equate with having a respiratory hospital at home.  This device produces a fine mist that you breathe and releases viral particles from sticking to the wall of your bronchus and lungs.  You can nebulize with hydrogen-peroxide which kills off the virus without harming healthy tissues.  Follow directions provided by Dr. Tom Levy in his free ebook RAPID VIRUS RECOVERY.   In lieu of a nebulizer, jump in a hot shower and breathe in the mist.

Hope this helps.

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