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What’s Really Going on Here?

The long rise of Anthony Fauci – the J. Edgar Hoover of federal health policy, as RFK, Jr puts it – is a sign of our times.

Fauci, to paraphrase “Yellowstone’s” Beth Dutton, has half the people and all the government.  Beth’s advice was for a woman to recognize her own worth and put her boyfriend in his place; Fauci’s situation today is far more perilous.  Fauci also has half the charm of J. Edgar, and twice the totalitarian instinct.  He’ll end up on the wrong end of a pike somewhere, perhaps courtesy of PETA activists. Or we might hear about a Jimmy Hoffa-style disappearance, as the powers-that-be increasingly find him to be a liability to the great reset.

Not long ago, Fauci had more than half the people.  My own Fauci-admiring, clot-shot advocating, your-liberty-is-killing-Grandma brother is even starting to question the Faucian narrative.  When I asked him when he was getting his booster, pointing out his waning immunity from his spring vaccination regime, he shrugged and parried.

So what is happening?

Many Americans haven’t been paying much attention to their own country’s trendlines, thanks to Lee Greenwood and Toby Keith and ingrained fantasies of modern America as a cleaned up and less violent  1850s America.  In fact, America today is far more violent, and far dirtier, in body and soul, than she was in 1850.  Empire requires government, and government requires lies, and wars, and lies about wars, and the USG has gotten pretty good at it.

I suspect that if the critical race crowd and the white privilege folks and the rabid environmentalists actually understood how empire works, domestically and globally, they might add some real value to the antiwar, free speech, and sound money campaigns.  The fact that they do not weigh in on any of these topics in any organized or informed way tells me they are tools of a much larger effort.  Whose soldiers are they?

In a so-called age of cynicism, we see mass blind faith in taxpayer-funded, government-directed, and government-mandated medicine – produced by crony pharmaceutical companies who are making hundreds of billions in private profit.  If you are anti-capitalist, you should be questioning this process.  If you ever worked for a government entity, you should be questioning this process.  If you have ever thought that government is prone to mistakes, missteps, back-pedaling, fraud, injustice or twisting the truth to cover a bureaucrat’s behind, you should be questioning this process.

Nearly two years in, more and more people from all walks of life and political persuasions are starting to pay attention to what their intuition is telling them.  They are starting to apply some basic logic to what they are seeing and hearing, and some of them are getting that feeling in their gut that causes them to slow down in that mass race over the cliff.  Even lemmings don’t destroy their whole population like we humans have been trying to do.

Lemming mass suicide was a myth, a story, a visual created and promoted by Disney in a “documentary” the company did in 1958.

I lived on this planet for 54 years before I learned that the “White Wilderness” documentary was faked.   I considered myself cynical, but I wasn’t cynical enough.  However, each time we get our beliefs and assumptions, our faith and our fantasy challenged and upset by reality, we learn a bit more about how to approach things like hot stoves and totalitarianism.

Fauci and his ilk, like Klaus Schwab on the global side, are modern government-backed mythmakers, latter day creators of legends that are not based in human or scientific reality.  Frankly, we the people ought to be pro’s by now, in catching what’s wrong with this picture.

If these spokespersons – for an elite-designed planet, complete with 24/7 controllable human assets, all doing what they should and nothing the elites disallow – are telling us a long bedtime story, what might  be keeping us up at night?

For me, it’s simple.

Liars lie.

Authoritarian sociopaths don’t care about skin color, health, or intellect or happiness of those that exist to serve them, except as these and other things can be used as a means to increase control and reduce risk to the authoritarian program.

Government funding and power is nearly always misused, often creatively applied, and bureaucrats generally bend the rules when they believe they can get away with it. This occurs with intelligence and propaganda in support of unneeded and unjustified wars.  It occurs in the federal courts where whistleblowers or journalists embarrass the government or one of its cronies.  It occurs in the agencies and contractors involved in weaponizing and enhancing virulence in bat to human coronaviruses.

In complex scenarios, with lots of noise and diversions, always follow the money.

Based on the parameters I rely on, it seems like the US and western centric elites and their enabling/controlled government institutions are actually in serious peril.  The same technology that allows a comprehensive surveillance state, and instant knowledge about consumer actions in consumer-driven economies, also allows individuals and groups to create their own paths and pursue them.  In the past, rulers and emperors might trust that their message of power, relevance, and control was being received, and if not, the king’s enforcers could strengthen the narrative with a well-planned act of terror against those who were questioning his authority. The same technology that allows rapid proto-typing of drugs and genetic therapies also allows a billion new voices, and new inventions, new shortcuts, and new ideas to be shared just as rapidly.  Today, top down control is far less sustainable, and any one big narrative is more likely to be laughed at than adopted as truth.

We are increasingly finding out that the authoritarian sociopaths don’t care about our health.  Millions of people have probably been surprised about the lack of followup they received, given that these RNA genetic therapies have never been fully FDA approved for anyone. Typically, when a new drug regime or therapy (after FDA approval) is being tried for the first time on a patient, there is organized and even diligent followup by the health care providers, you know, to see if it worked or solved the problem.  None of that applied for the billions of doses administered in the western world and beyond.  The user unfriendly VAERS system, by its own standards, is blowing up with negative side effects and even death.  The fact checkers say it’s all lies – but they refuse to directly address data and evidence with the same passion as those challenging the government narrative.  Instead, it’s reduced to “experts have said…”  This is a sign of significant weakness in the elite narrative, and it gets weaker as every day passes.

In the last 20 months we have watched global governmental urge, demand, and attempt to mandate everyone be injected multiple times with an untested product that doesn’t prevent the disease, or stop its spread, a disease that kills as many or as few as a seasonal flu, notwithstanding that it may or may not be a US/Chinese illegally created chimera, all while being forced to play Simon Says with government sociopaths espousing shutdowns, lockdowns, paper masks or cloth, three feet or six, entry or no entry based on vax status.  Human death rates and suffering around the world have skyrocketed, not because of the coronavirus, but because of national government’s humanity-destroying responses to it.

That story, the response, makes little sense, except to the beneficiaries, who have practiced new methods of mass psychology, surveillance, and control of human beings, and conditioned large numbers of people to accept the unacceptable.  “My body, my choice” seems to be our new “2 plus 2 equals 5.”  But we are not a community of tortured and captive Winstons – we are all Chief Bromdens, voluntarily residing in this asylum, and we can walk out anytime.

Nu, no, Xi, no I mean Omicron, is mild, impacts vaccinated as much or more than unvaccinated, and apparently few people anywhere are frightened of it despite Fauci’s efforts.  Why must we be frightened?  When we follow the money, we find an agenda of routinizing medical mandates, as part of government crony profiteering into the next decade, but also we find that unsound money is the real disease, and it is killing the US and the EU in particular.  Collapse through untenable debt, or uncontrollable inflation, or some other insurmountable challenge to the fiat currency of the state is coming.  Defaults, whether formal or informal, debt jubilees, or some other “solution” can and will result in loss of central power and quite possibly rebellion, chaos, secession and civil disunion and even war.  History is filled with examples of this predictable cycle, and those benefiting now from the debasement of currency know better than most what happens when the music stops.

RFK, Jr is right to compare Fauci to Hoover.  Tony Fauci is a powerful, paranoid bureaucrat with many dangerous secrets.  His agenda of destroying liberty is far more generalized than was Hoover’s, and less personal. His face is the face of the frightened elites, rich but not rich enough, wary of any and all change they cannot control, struggling to remember where they are in the “narrative” this week.  As their own tension rises, we see their fear, their powerlessness, and their irrelevance more clearly – fueling our collective withdrawal of our consent and our obedience.

For me, Fauci is just another un-indicted criminal.  I do remain alarmed and frustrated at the ease with which the US leaned in to medical totalitarianism, as it has done for similarly hyped rationales of war and terrorism in the past.  But it is those who trusted him, and who feel betrayed and used by him who will be the angriest.  I’d like to think that it will be their role to hold Fauci, and his bosses and enablers, to account.

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