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White Knuckles Worldwide as the USSA Coyly Dangles Foreign Pork

Every year for the last 60, the Swamp has passed a monstrous bill called the National Defense Authorization Act. That legislation has robbed Americans of billions and billions to finance the Empire’s crimes abroad. No doubt because of that gargantuan theft, the NDAA enjoys almost universal and thoroughly bipartisan support each winter when its renewal draws nigh. Nor has its enactment ever failed. Indeed, only once did its success teeter: Donald Trump ensured his title of “Most Hated President” in 2020 when he vetoed the NDAA. (Our Rulers’ massive loyalty to this honeypot ensured an easy override of that rejection.)

It gets worse. Since 2012, the NDAA has threatened American serfs not only with bankruptcy but also with kidnapping and caging for an indefinite period sans trial, even a kangaroo one. Its proponents have long soft-pedaled that menace by claiming that the provision applies only to “domestic terrorists.” Which became even more frightening under Brandon’s administration, given his relentless attempts to smear innocents as “terrorists.”

This year, the cozy little arrangement whereby the Feds, the military and the latter’s countless contractors pick our pockets clean is once again and surprisingly in danger: “…the Senate is at a standstill on the legislation. Several Republicans have delayed the process as they push for votes on their amendments to the bill, and Democratic leaders didn’t begin the floor process for the bill until this week — far later than in past years.”

But fear not, all ye who swill from the public trough: “A bipartisan [told ya!] group of senators … promised that the Senate would approve the legislation in time as it usually does.”

Or as “a frustrated Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) told reporters…,” “Don’t mess up the one thing that you can count on the Senate to do in a bipartisan [ahem!] way every year … A Senate that cannot do this hardly deserves the title.”

Tim, you wretched worm, there are trillions of reasons why you don’t deserve the title, but “messing up” on your annual looting isn’t one of them. In fact, a great many Patriots pray for precisely that snafu.

Meanwhile, the military-industrial complex isn’t alone in watching the NDAA’s progress with bated breath. The legislation’s foreign beneficiaries are just as nervous: “U.S. allies expressed concerns to senators this weekend that Congress could break a 60-year streak and fail to pass an annual defense policy bill before the end of the year, a bipartisan [ditto!] group of U.S. lawmakers said on Saturday.”

Naturally, the “allies’” “concerns” have nothing to do with losing their cut of the plunder. No, no, no, they’re far more high-minded: “U.S. allies look to the annual legislation for reassurances on the nature of U.S. foreign policy.”

“Reassurances.” Oh, what a euphemism to disguise corrupt and craven kowtowing to DC’s whims and will!

Our Rulers not only swore to their lackeys’ lie, they added a few of their own: “‘We are teaching not just Americans but the world whether or not our democracy [sic for ‘Constitutional republic,’ whose highest law never permits the Seniles or anyone else to thieve from Americans on behalf of foreign potentates] can solve real and pressing problems,’ Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.) added.”

Chris, you insufferable scum, if you consider depriving Ike Herzog of his tithe from your constituents a “real and pressing problem,” you oughta get out more. Like into your state, where said constituents can fill you in on the “real and pressing problems” that you and your fellow sociopaths inflict.

The insufferable scum continued, “‘And there are consequences for our security and our standing in the world if we can’t pass the NDAA … this year.’”

Riiiight. As if defeat of this pork is even remotely possible.

But imagine a world—and a country—where it was. No more American colossus, bestriding the planet to degrade traditional cultures with its promotion of sodomy or its groping of aviation’s passengers. No more endless wars nor exorbitant bases dotting the globe. No more blowback bedeviling American taxpayers, whom the NDAA victimizes almost as much as it does the villagers it bombs out of their homes.

For all these reasons and more, driving a stake through the NDAA’s heart—and those of its cheerleaders—should number among our first priorities when the Revolution comes.

You’ll notice that those so vociferously defending this horrific bill are Dimocrats. Please, let that put to rest any lingering doubts about the Dimopublicans’ shared goal: fleecing the sheeple, good and hard.

But don’t take my word for it. One of the criminals confessed as much: “Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) blamed senators on both sides of the aisle whose actions have given the impression that lawmakers can’t work together effectively.

“‘The reality is, most of us work together and most of us get along,’ Shaheen said.”

Oh, I bet you do. Swimmingly, in fact.

“‘The issue is, we have some outliers on both sides whose sole goal is obstruction. And we need to hold them accountable so the rest of us can get onto the business at hand for the United States.’”

Especially when that “business” is sooooo nauseatingly lucrative.

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