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Who Do You Blame for Covid When the Vaccination Rate Is Nearly 100 Percent?

“Facing rising infections and a new COVID-19 variant, colleges across the U.S. have once again been thwarted in seeking a move to normalcy and are starting to require booster shots, extend mask mandates, limit social gatherings and, in some cases, revert to online classes,” we read in a recent Associated Press wire.

The piece mentions three prestigious northeastern universities in connection with this troubling turn of events:

“Cornell University abruptly shut down all campus activities on Tuesday and moved final exams online after more than 700 students tested positive over three days… Hours later, Princeton University moved its exams online and urged students to leave campus “at their earliest convenience” amid a rise in cases. On Wednesday, New York University cancelled all non-academic events and encouraged professors to move finals online.”

And then comes the punch line: “Cornell, Princeton and NYU all report student vaccination rates of more than 98%.”

One wonders by what kind of imaginative stretch the vaccinators will attempt to shift the blame for this debacle on the unvaccinated.

They have their work cut out for them, since the facts are not in their favor.

It was the vaccinated members of those academic communities who contracted the virus and brought it to the campuses. These students then infected other vaccinated students who in turn transmitted the virus to yet more of the vaccinated. And those infected vaccinated passed the virus along to even more of the vaccinated and so on.

As they say, the whole thing was an inside job. It was an inside job by the vaccinated!

In the end the vaccines did not do much good. Their failure becomes even more abysmal if we remember that almost all of the affected universities also had in place rigorous testing procedures during the fall semester.

Even with the help of strict testing, the vaccines could not protect the nearly 100 percent vaccinated population from Covid-19.

Do you remember when Fauci and his band of establishment scientists told us that vaccination rates between 60 and 70 percent would bring about herd immunity?

Earlier this year, Joe Biden told the nation that the vaccinated were losing patience with the unvaccinated. The implication was that the unvaccinated were spoiling the works by spreading infection.

Joe Biden also promised that if you get vaccinated you will not get Covid. The man really did say that.

What the vaccine fiasco at the universities shows that even one hundred percent vaccination rate does not prevent surges and outbreaks. Nor does it  bring about herd immunity.

One thing has been clear for some months now: the vaccinated get infected as easily as unvaccinated, if not more so.

Omicron seems to target the vaccinated especially as many highly vaccinated countries and regions have been experiencing widespread Covid surges.

Alex Berenson recently posted an eye-popping chart from Ontario. The chart shows that the vaccinated are contracting Omicron at more than three times the rate of the unvaccinated.

In light of this, it is clearly not rational for the vaccinated to fear the unvaccinated.

To paraphrase FDR: “The only thing the vaccinated have to fear is the virus itself.”

What do they say about Brandon?

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