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Who Is Fact Checking The New York Times Fact Check of the Rogan Interview of Robert Malone?

On February 8, The New York Times fact checked the Malone interview on Joe Rogan.

I don’t think it went so well for the Times.

I wondered…who is fact checking the Times? I guess it’s up to me.

I don’t have time to go through the whole thing which would probably bore you, so I’m just going to address items in the first 3 points they made and hope that you cab see the pattern.

Example #1: Malone said Uttar Pradesh was flatlined at the time of the interview

Malone said:

“Whatever was in those packages was rumored to include ivermectin. But there was a specific visit of Biden to Modi and a decision was made in the Indian government not to disclose the contents of those packages that were being deployed in Uttar Pradesh, which they’re still there, and Uttar Pradesh is flatlined right now.”

NY Times said:

“Dr. Malone was also wrong that cases in Uttar Pradesh “flatlined” as the world coped with the Omicron variant. Though the case count in the state remained low during the summer and fall, it began to trend upward by late December, when Dr. Malone spoke with Mr. Rogan.”

Here’s the data from Johns Hopkins as presented by Google:

Look at the line before Dec 31. Looks flat to me. Does it look flat to you?

See, neither of us can get a job at the NY Times doing fact checks.

The segment with Rogan was taped before it was released in late December.

Malone was absolutely right. Cases didn’t go up until January.

Read the Whole Article

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