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Whose Footsteps Are We Following?

Though most people today will blame the sad state of our nation on decades of corrupt government, unethical judges, and hardcore immorality marching out from Hollywood and to the beyond, the truth is that all these criminal activities are simply symptoms of a population whose faith and spiritual fortitude has deteriorated to almost a non-existent condition. Despite the fact there are thousands of churches of every denomination dotting the entire map of America, the majority of congregations have become indifferent to the transgressions dominating their neighborhoods and city councils. They have become like an orchestra of lazy harpists and violinists, unable to dole out musical notes because they have neglected the snapped strings on their instruments. Pastors have become complicit to the deeds of darkness and pass their complacencies onto their flocks, who in turn do nothing either, and become talkers of the talk, but not walkers of the walk.

Am I being too harsh? Or are believers uniting and fighting back against the gross acts of perversion, corruption, immorality, fraud, bribery, lawlessness and murder going on all around us? I think the moral collapse, economic tailspin, communist infiltration within our government, and excessive gutting of our freedoms answers that question, don’t you?

I have had numerous people email and ask me what can be done to stop the global invasion of madmen who are obliterating our freedoms and civil rights, and it is hard to answer those questions because if the church was doing what it is supposed to do, those in power would not have been able to advance and turn America upside down as they have done thus far. I wish I could say that the 2nd amendment is enough, and that all we need is to organize our own civilian army and boot out the corrupt politicians, but things are much more complicated because the global order is already established under the United Nations. We are now witnessing the tail of this dragon, but in a few years, its fiery head will surface and sear the Western world until all that is left is a charred shell of its former glory. This is the diabolical antichrist system that was foretold about in scripture.

The good news is that God did provide a solution on how to push back against the devilish global beast. In 2nd Chronicles, chapter 7, verse 14, the Lord states that if His people, who are called by His name (His church), will humble themselves, pray, seek His face, and turn from their wicked ways, that He will hear them, forgive them, and heal their land. It seems like the Lord gave us a simple answer to a big problem, right? I wish it were that easy, but the Land of the Free and the Brave of the past only retained blessings because the people were devoted to God’s laws. This is not the case anymore. Most who claim to be Christians are more devoted to worshipping deviant politicians and wayward pastors rather than kneeling down once in a while and acknowledging their maker. We cannot expect God to continue protecting this nation when we cannot give Him the time of day and the respect He deserves.

This week I read an old book online (free for download, see the link in the references), published in 1896, titled In His Steps: What Would Jesus Do? and written by a pastor named Charles M. Sheldon. The content sure rattled my faith, and with the present apostasy causing America’s swift decline, and people asking what can be done to stop the coup dismantling our nation, I found Sheldon’s message timely, and worth mentioning. His book sold over 8 million copies and continued to be a big seller for the first 60 years. Though it might be considered outdated by some, the message itself is as compelling today as the day it was written.

The book, a work of fiction, is about a prominent church in a small town whose lives become turned upside down after a homeless family man, who goes from town person to town person and church member to church member asking for work so he can eat, is turned away by all, and ultimately dies from hunger. Before he passes away, he attends the church service, and after hearing the praiseful music and the pastor’s poignant sermon, he shuffles to the front of the church and interrupts the surprised congregation with a soulful statement and question as to why no one would help him. Despite his tattered appearance, and the open mouths gaping back at him, he boldly speaks the following words:

(Excerpt is condensed:)
“I have tramped through this city for three days trying to find a job; and in all that time I’ve not had a word of sympathy or comfort except from your minister here, who said he was sorry for me and hoped I would find a job somewhere. Of course, I understand you can’t all go out of your way to hunt up jobs. But what I feel puzzled about is, what is meant by following Jesus. What do you mean when you sing ‘I’ll go with Him, with Him, all the way?’ I get puzzled when I see Christians living in luxury and singing ‘Jesus, I my cross have taken, all to leave and follow Thee,’ and remember how my wife died in a tenement, gasping for air. What does following Jesus mean? It seems to me there’s an awful lot of trouble in the world that somehow wouldn’t exist if all the people who sing such songs went and lived them out.”

After he uttered his final word, he fainted, and the pastor took him to his home, where the poor man died three days later.

That pastor, disturbed over what had transpired, makes a decision that sets off a series of events that changes the course of his life, the lives of his church members, and the town as a whole. He determines that before he makes any decisions, for a full year, he will first ask himself the question—’what would Jesus do?’—and then honestly react to the best of his ability on how he believes Jesus would respond, no matter what the results may be. He engages his church members in his newly-founded decision, and others in his congregation choose to join him for that year and do the same. The consequences that play out over a handful of people willing to follow Christ’s footsteps becomes the heart and soul of the book.

The characters in the book who stick to their vow and follow Christ’s steps, stand up against lawlessness in the workplace, go after corrupt politicians, and try to stop the illicit nightlife plaguing the city. And despite the hardships they face for standing up for righteousness, the rewards come back at them like a boomerang, strengthening their personal lives, bringing salvation to many, and providing positive changes in the church and community that they never expected.

Now just imagine if a thousand believers in America decided to follow in Christ’s footsteps, and instead of automatically seeking the advice of everyone else, such as family members, pastors and politicians, they would first uncompromisingly and prayerfully ask themselves—what would Jesus do? With plenteous examples in the Bible on how Christ dealt with the religious leaders and problems of His day, it is obvious today’s world of darkness is not so different than what Jesus and His disciples had to face. The corruption in government and the hypocrisy of many religious leaders is nothing new, but the differences facing this country now is that our present beliefs and convictions no longer follow in His footsteps, and instead trek contrary to everything that was once decent and morally good.

Jesus always defended His Father; why is the church not doing the same? Christ was not timid, and was never silent on exposing debauchery. In one account in scripture (John 2: 13-16), Jesus got angry at the greedy merchants who set up tables and were doing business inside His Father’s house. He quickly fashioned a whip and chased those men out of the temple, upturning tables and money in the process. That had to have been quite a scene, seeing the Son of God thrashing those businessmen who tried to use His Father’s name as a means to get rich—but isn’t that our calling, as Christians, to get worked up and heated when we see desecration of His laws and Word?

The Biblical temple carries great meaning because it was the place where God dwelled with His people, where both Heaven and Earth came together, allowing God the opportunity to live among His creation and provide protection and instruction through their devotion and faith in Him. This is why God said in Zechariah 2: 10: “Sing and rejoice… for, lo, I come, and I will dwell in the midst of thee, saith the LORD.”

And when Jesus died for our sins, and rose again, that once-erected temple, which had been the previous place of sacrifice to atone for sin, was no longer needed. Jesus became our sacrifice, which in turn allowed humanity the opportunity to open their hearts, accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior, and become temples for the indwelling of God’s Holy Spirit. Jesus became the great meeting-place between God and His sinful people, and through Him our Father in Heaven could continue communing with His creation directly, one on one. I Corinthians 6, verse 19 confirms this: “What? Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?

And through a spiritual union to the body of Christ (His church), we also become temples of God as one body of believers. Do you understand now why the global “elite” have infiltrated churches and dumbed them down, and are using eugenics and weaponized vaccines to eliminate the human race and create their own genetically-engineered breed of transhuman-species? They hate God. They hate God’s creation, and they hate that God is strongly linked with humanity through Jesus Christ (to those who will invite Him in). But no amount of new technology or elimination of human life can hide the fact that God our Father is still sitting on the throne, not Satan.

Because I grew up in the USSR, under a totalitarian government, let me share a secret with you that most Americans do not fully understand. The rulers of tyrannical regimes (this includes all communist governments) are very, very afraid of your prayers. They know that true faith has nothing to do with religion, and when left to flourish among men and women, true faith can swell into a supernatural dynamism of mountain moving that cannot be stopped. They are very aware of the fact that such faith-spreading can become an epidemic of mass proportions, making it hard for them to continue in deceit and desecration of God’s laws. This is why the Soviets and Chinese leaders forbid extra relationships outside its dogma of darkness. Belief in God is unacceptable to them because it is a threat to their control over you. Religion and religious people do not scare them, because these people can be programmed, but a person who has a personal, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ worries them, because that faith cannot be beaten out of them. A relationship with Jesus guides people to the truth, religion does the opposite—and they know this.

The deadliest weapon of all that is being targeted against America today is not the mass-murdering Covid-19 vaccines, but the psychological weapons of mind control which has the ability to crush the soul, hinder faith, and purge God from the human race. By introducing PSYOP after PSYOP full of viruses, wars, food shortages, and inflation, they have steered the populations worldwide to chase the tail of the dragon instead of trusting the only One who can save them. Trusting in the Lord for guidance is the grassroots movement the whole world is missing.

The compromise within the millions of dead churches across America has brought a brutal blow to the sovereignty of this nation. The church as a whole fell for the Covid scam and conformed to illegal lockdowns, unlawful business and church closures, and remained silent at the constant violation of civil rights. God’s Holy Spirit was sent to “teach us all things and bring remembrance to what Jesus had taught” (John 14: 26), and yet most Christians could not discern that “wolves” had sneaked into this nation’s government and was pilfering their freedoms and rights as human beings, Christians, and Americans.

Many of the swindlers behind the pulpits of the mega-million-dollar churches fornicated with the corrupt government and promoted the unsafe Covid vaccines (some even using their church as a dispensing site), putting their congregations in harm’s way. They endorsed the lies without doing any research on why mRNA vaccines were being distributed so quickly over a so-called mild coronavirus. Such pastors are enemies of the cross of Christ, and are part of the evil plan to depopulate and mass murder the Western populations. Christians need to physically run from these globalist-bred churches.

With this nation now being squeezed by the hands of God-hating rulers, being willing to suffer for Him and getting our knees a bit worn is a good idea, especially in light of what Christ states in Revelation chapter 2, verse 5: “Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent.”

I do not know if the Lord will heal this land or exact judgment, but getting right with Him is the only path we have. If we do not have Christ as our shield and buckler, we cannot win any war, no matter how big or small, and if we do lose our nation, it will be inconsequential compared to losing our souls. What I do know is that 1000 people gathered together, following in His footsteps, can be a powerful defense strategy. The 2nd amendment’s right to bear arms is worthless if those carrying the guns do not put on the helmet of salvation and hold close to their side the sword of faith.

The Lord is not far from us. He sees everything—and so why in the world are we bowing over in fear and despair, and not looking into His eyes and asking for help?

I want to end this article with the same question Pastor Sheldon put to his readers back in 1896, and challenge each one of us (myself included) with that simple question that could change the course of America if we choose to do it His way:
What do you think Jesus would ask you to do…

– About the desecration of His Word throughout this country?

– About advancing the Kingdom of God on earth?

– About the 62 million babies that have been executed for the last 50 years?

– About the thousands of homeless and poor people who live on the streets?

– About the continued sex rings involving the kidnapping and molesting of millions of children and women?

– About voting for politicians who deal in shady business practices, lie, violate American laws, commit adultery, sleep with prostitutes, and engage in sexual misconduct and all sorts of deviant behavior?

– About the hoax Climate Change and Sustainable Development agenda which is being used to destroy America and usher in a new world anti-God global government?

– About covering your face with the veil of BAAL, and hiding Christ’s reflection?

– About corrupt presidents, leaders, pastors, the FDA, and the vaccine companies promoting dangerous vaccines despite the millions of reported injuries and deaths to children and adults?

– About organizations like the World Economic Forum, who are violating the international bioweapon treaty and are pushing a sinister agenda to eradicate God, His creation, and replace humans with lab-engineered transhuman-species?


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